Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Blog

Follow the Feet is coming to an end. A new era of blogging has begun for me. I have found myself posting a million pictures and logging details without really writing the story of our lives. Writing (outside of public blogging) has become a relaxing hobby for me, with benefits. I find myself bringing details of life together that I would not have woven together without taking the time to write it out in a thought provoking way. It started when I began a private blog that I hope to eventually print in book form for my daughters. I was thinking one day how awesome it would be for my girls to receive books from me on their graduation day that share little private moments of our days together from their early childhoods on. What I wouldn't give to know now some of the thoughts, trials and joys my mom had when I was little.

In writing that private blog to them I have discovered the joy of meaningful writing. There are so many moments that I would also like to share with you... a window into those little moments that have a poetic ring to them. In light of that a new blog has begun. It is: www.thispoeticpresent.blogspot.com.

On the new blog you will have to scroll down to my first entry and catch up on our new family journey. Many of you are already aware, but for those who are not... its a great God-sized story!

Thank you for following us here... come on over to the new blog and become followers there.