Thursday, March 27, 2008


Queen of the Jungle LOVES chewing gum. In this pic she is chomping away as she plays in the airport.

Rise and Shine - It's Easter Sunday! (in a hotel in Villa Rica, GA)

Libby's Easter Attire (the backpack was necessary for happy times!)

Elissa smiles beautifully as she holds Lily and embraces family just moments after landing in San Antonio - after more than 22 hours of travel from China. Elissa - how did you look so beautiful after such a long trip?

Precious Lily! Welcome Home!

We still LOVE American Idol!

Our Sweet Princess!

Just a lovely day on the front porch!

Libby is quite the talker these days. Here are some cute examples:

1. The other day I said to Billy - "Baby, can you help me with this?", to which Libby replied (with some sass), "No momma, his NAME is DADDY!"

2. Libby has learned some sweet words from her daddy's overprotection - so Libby is always telling us to "be careful" about something. If Billy is in the car driving away she'll say, "Be careful in car, daddy. Be careful run errands." After putting her to bed one night she said, "be careful on stairs mommy, be careful watching Amicky Idol."

3. After putting Libby to bed one night I went downstairs and started talking with our company. Libby called out so I went to check on her and she said, "I hear momma." I said, "Do you want me to shut the door?" "No momma." "Well, I'll try to be quiet," I said and then I went on to say some other things. Libby interrupted and said, "Don't calk to Libby, momma. Libby sleeping."

4. Libby is really serious about prayer. She wants to pray before each meal (and several times throughout mealtime). She puts her hands together, squints her eyes, furrows her brow very seriously and rocks back and forth while she prays. Sometimes it's short, sometimes not but every prayer includes, "thank you for help mommy sing, and daddy play guitar and Kevin play drums and hymbals (cymbals) and Isaac have good day. Amen"

In other news, Kyle and Elissa made it home safely! And their sweet Lily is even more precious in person!

We've been in the studio and we continue to work on a short but rich 5 song CD which we hope to have finished and available by the end of May.

Oh - I finished Libby's lifebook and I love how it turned out. And lastly - we updated our Ethiopia adoption blog with info about our paperchase. You can check it out at:

Gotta go, it's getting late.

In Christ,

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chinese Girl Band

Libby and Maliah had a play date and they rocked it out!
Here's to Xuwen Sisterhood!

Our Friends, Kyle and Elissa Harrell Finally Received Their Baby Girl!!!

Announcing The Harrell Family Gotcha Day! Kyle and Elissa Harrell (after 3 years of paper work and waiting) finally have baby Lily in their arms!!!!! Elissa is a fabulous writer and has done a great job of detailing their journey in China. If you want to follow their story go to: Enjoy! Isn't Lily so beautiful and precious!! She's 15 months old and entirely precious!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Carissa's Health

Thank you all for your prayers today. As the day progressed I found out the Carissa's vision was blurry while the tingling and numbness spread to her face and arms. Since she had a small black out last week and she had a splitting headache with the blurry vision and numbness they felt it was enough of a problem to have the ER run some tests.

Kelly, my brother, just called and said the doctors could not find anything wrong and she was fine to go home. While that is good news and I praise the Lord that she is feeling better, I am still concerned about what happened today. Since high blood pressure runs in Carissa's family and Carissa's blood pressure was high when she arrived at the hospital the doctor said that it's possible she had a very small stroke, but nothing showed on the MRI. Carissa has several mystery things going on with her health and we just need to be praying for her protection and for some answers.

Having said that, both Kelly and Carissa feel like everything is okay for now and they are just happy to be headed home. They are also grateful for your prayers!

Some good news for the day - Kelly has accepted a job at East Cooper Baptist Church in Chas, SC where he will be one of the contemporary worship leaders. He is part time now and will go full time in August. This is a praise as he has been longing to get out of his retail job and go back to leading worship in a local church. I know he is relieved to return to his passion.

Also great news - my brother-in-law, Jason has a new job as well. He had been laid off from his last job due to the real estate slow down. But he is happy to have a great job offer now. Pray for him to feel a peace and comfort as he learns the ropes of this new job. I know he is a little concerned about how much he will have to learn. But I also know - He CAN do it!!

Thanks again for all the prayers over all these matters! The Lord is good to us!!!

Cindy Foote

EMERGENCY Prayer Request!!!!!!

My brother, Kelly Graham, is married to a beautiful young woman of God named Carissa. Carissa has had some episodes of passing out over the last 2 years, but they have not happened in a while. At the same time, Carissa has been struggling with some abdominal pain that doctors have been trying to figure out. Today Carissa had a terrible headache and then her arm and face went numb. There is concern that this is either a blood clot issue or a stroke. Please be in prayer for her as she is being taken to the hospital right now - 2pm central time.

Please be lifting up Carissa's healing and Kelly's heart and mind as the enemy is certain to use this opportunity to fill him with fear.

I will keep you posted as I find out more. Just PLEASE PRAY!!!

Cindy Foote