Thursday, January 28, 2010

Orphans in Haiti... A complicated issue

Orphans in Haiti
A complicated problem… Here is my random list of thoughts/questions... I don't have the answers, but I just need to get this onto "paper" so I can put my thoughts together in one visual place.

The situation with Haiti's orphans is so complicated, but something HAS to be done... Trying to wrap my head around a ridiculous CNN interview I just watched in which the lady said that adoption is not the answer and that many of the kids will be absorbed back into the community... What does that mean??? They need families!!! There were 380,000 orphans BEFORE the quake... so many more now... And don't tell me the Haitian PM is highly concerned about trafficking... if he was really concerned about that it wouldn't have been such a huge problem in that country before the quake... There is a stronghold here that no one is confronting.

Do I think adoption is the only answer... NO. Do I think the adoption process is even possible right now... NO. Due to the quake, Haiti doesn't even have a government capable of the organization, paperwork, and checks and balances it takes to process adoptions by normal procedures. It will take a loooooooong time for such structure to be put back in place... But time is what these orphans DON'T HAVE! They are scared, hungry, refusing shelter out of their fear of another aftershock. I'm not implying that Haiti can't take care of their own. No, it was a fact before the earthquake that they had 380,000 orphans. The lady in the CNN interview said that nannies are loving on these kids and the community is taking them in... really??? And that's enough???? Why does it seem that we are changing into a generation that is not pro-family. Why is it that the difference in the color of our skin or our nationality seems to be enough reason for Haiti's Prime Minister to deny orphans the shelter, love, care, and real family that we can offer here in the States - or in any other country with families longing to help through adoption?

I don't think a kid needs to have all the toys, food, big rooms, tvs, etc that American children often have. I'm not looking at this as "oh, those poor Haitian kids need to have more entertainment, more clothes, more toys." I am just saying we should be allowed to "rescue the perishing, care for the dying"!!!! and "set the lonely in families".

At the tower of Babel all the people spoke the same language and understood one another. One thing they had was unity. But they sinned in their pride and arrogance and God broke that unity by giving everyone different languages -sending people across the globe, isolated and unable to communicate. Our sin got us to that point. And so we live in an earthly manner divided by nationalities, borders, etc. But in the Spiritual realm there is but one King and one Kingdom. The reason my multi-cultural family "works" is because God ordained us to be family before the foundations of the world. We are a picture of His Kingdom - multicultural and full of love for one another and our similarities and differences.

Haitian authorities have got a lot to consider. I wouldn't want to be the person deciding what child is free to go and what child is not.... But let's just say Haiti takes a look at the adoption agencies around the world who have had legitimate adoption programs with Haiti for the last 5 years. There would several, if not many. And let's say Haiti chose to let 15,000 children who were already orphaned BEFORE the earthquake, be released to these agencies who could then - with appropriate background checks/home studies/etc. place those orphans into families.... Even then - it would only be 15,000.... That's not even a dent in the number of orphans there were before this disaster. But that would be 15,000 lives saved and given hope. Adoption is vital in the endeavor to saving the lives of the Haitian orphans. But it is not the only answer simply because it would be impossible for the vast number of orphans in Haiti to all be adopted. So - what are the other answers??? I don't know. But let's start somewhere. Emergency visas for the young children orphaned before the quake seems like a good place to start.

Today I learned that several Haitian children already matched to families in the US still have not been released to come here. The Haitian PM told them today that even if he signed the papers, he would only be releasing the children to go into Child Services in Florida.... WHAT??? That is crazy. The families have been matched to these kids after great investigation into the parents' ability to care, love and provide for these children. Many of these parents have even traveled to Haiti more than once to visit their children... And now the Haitian PM can declare that even if he releases the children they won't go to the homes chosen for them yet? There is something really wrong going on here. My stomach is in knots over it.

I am saying - no declaring - May those standing in the way of families being united be found guilty in the eyes of the Lord and be shamed for their evil ways. And may those whose hearts are FOR the orphans find themselves in places of favor and decision making so they can make a positive impact on the lives of as many orphans as possible.

It is time to pray, friends. There is a stronghold over these orphans that must be broken by the cries of God's people before it is too late.

I have more to say. I have more to ask. But I'll stop here for now....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Day and Gracie's Re-adoption Day

Christmas day photos and Gracie's Re-adoption photos tell the story well enough. Christmas was WONDERFUL! And having Gracie's re-adoption done is a relief. She is now officially Aria-Lu Grace Foote and will be receiving a TX birth certificate soon. Don't have time to tell all the details for now... just enjoy the pics....