Saturday, December 8, 2007

2, 41, and Fulfilled!

The last month has been full - but a blessing. On November 11, Libby shared a birthday party with Maliah (her friend that is adopted from the same orphanage). They were turning 2 (Libby on Nov. 23 and Maliah on Nov. 3) and they both love Elmo - so the party was an Elmo theme! They wore matching Elmo jogging suits. So Cute!

We kept the party small and simple at a nearby park. Poor Cristie (Maliah's mom) was sick with the flu/bronchitis and could not attend. I felt so sorry for her! But other than missing Cristie, the party was delightful!

We have so many precious friends from all different cultures and backgrounds. We love God's design of making us all incredibly unique and yet dependent on one another. And I love watching Libby play with children from all over the world. I pray the Lord uses such diversity to put a love in Libby's heart for all the nations!
A few special notes on Libby: She is more beautiful every day. Her vocabularly is enormous and she regularly speaks in full sentences. She even tells us what she is feeling. The other day she came home from Kids Day Out and said, "My feet are hot." So we took her socks and shoes off and she was happy. She's generally kind, happy, and content. Of course - we have occasional melt downs or loud shouts of the word "MINE!", but that's to be expected. Libby continues to be a healthy eater. She is getting much taller and thinning out. Her hair is finally noticably growing! YAHOO! She loves - LOVES - drums and she plays them ALL DAY LONG! - Everything is a drum: paint cans, pots, furniture, you name it. She is really into playing pretend. For example - she crawls in our arms and asks to be held like a baby and then she whines like she thinks a baby whines. She pretends to serve us her favorite foods. She hops, sings, runs FAST, loves to dance, will not be still for a picture to be taken, OH - and the biggest news - she is now sleeping in a real bed! No more crib - BOO HOO!

Around Nov. 15th we began a long drive from San Antonio to Charleston, SC. We stopped in Longview, TX along the way to visit Billy's family for 2 days. We celebrated Libby's birthday again at her Gammy and Papa Boot's house and Libby received another round of wonderful gifts! She loves them all!

Brooke and Libby enjoyed chasing each other around the house! We look forward to seeing them for a longer stay at Christmas.

We finally made it to Charleston and stayed with my family for 6 days. I ate something along the way that messed me up and for the first couple of days in Charleston I was throwing up and feeling miserable! On Thanksgiving Day I was feeling better and we enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner at my parents' home. We celebrated Libby's birthday for a 3rd. time and she now has the birthday song down pat! - She's a little confused though because she bows her head and puts her hands together to sing it. She thinks it's a prayer song. I guess that will fit perfectly on Christmas day when we sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus".

Oh - I have to mention that baby Camryn is BEAUTIFUL!!!
This was our first opportunity to meet the 6 week old beauty. Libby was fabulous with her - gentle, sweet, always wanting to hold her.

Taylor is the all-grown-up big sister to Camryn that kept Libby constantly entertained. They thoroughly enjoyed one another! For days after we left, Libby would ask if we were going to Taylor's house.
Being sick for 2 days put a damper on my schedule so I spent my last days at home running around trying to see everyone in the family. Cousin Arlyn came by the house one night and we really enjoyed her company. COME TO SAN ANTONIO ARLYN - SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Jenny, Pepa and Ann - it was wonderful seeing you too!

To update everyone on my dad's health - his heart catheter showed NO blockages!! Praise the Lord! The doctor says he's in great health for his age. He is still having dizzy/weird spells from time to time - but it's not his heart and that is good! I enjoyed spending some quality time with my parents. They are more precious to me than words can say.

My mom continues to feel weak. If you know her story - please pray for her. She has lost most of her ability to stand up straight and the use of her right side (or maybe left side, I forget) is not 100%. Her previous strokes have taken their toll on her.

My sister is a champ mom of 2! I'm always impressed with her laid back, fun-loving mothering skills. Jason is doing great at his job and the whole Bowick family seems well-adjusted to newborn life (and sleeplessness!)

Kelly is still asking God to open another door for him as far as work is concerned. He and Carissa are having to work some major hours for the holidays and I know they are feeling exhausted at this point. But otherwise, they are well too.

Mema is still wearing herself out taking care of cute baby Matthew. She cracks me up!

We left Charleston on a Sunday and headed for a cabin in GA where we spent 3 days resting and enjoying the mountains - well, actually, Billy was enjoying fly-fishing on the Soque river - which was his gift for his 41st. birthday.

He caught some HUGE trout and had a blast. Libby and I just hung out in the antique town and in the cabin playing games, keeping a fire going and resting. It was wonderful. The last day, Billy took Libby and I to a pond where trout are stocked. He got a fish on the line and let Libby try to reel it in. Libby proceeded to express every possible emotion within the following few minutes. She was excited to hold the rod. She was adamant that she knew what she was doing and refused to let Billy help. She was terrified of the fish once it was out of the water and ran away sobbing. She eased up and finally touched the fish and laughed. And then when we asked her to hold up the string of fish for a picture she flipped out because daddy was holding it with her. Little Miss Independent had successfully experienced bliss and hell (as a toddler would see it) within 15 minutes time. See below:

Then there was the long 2 day drive back to San Antonio. All I can say is I'm glad it's over. I can only sit caged in a vehicle entertaining a 2 year old for so long!

During the 2 week trip I stayed away from the Internet, phone and TV (for the most part). I didn't think much about how quiet it had been until I got home and realized how relaxed and at peace I was not having all that media input. I felt more satisfied and content than I had in a long time and the Lord really spoke to me in those quiet hours at the cabin and on the road. Looking back - it was a much needed respite from the daily grind. God is so good to me!

Since returning home I have NOT desired getting on-line AT ALL!! So- I'm catching up slowly with all the emails that piled up. Mostly I'm just enjoying my little China princess and tuning in to what the Lord is saying to me during these slow days before Christmas arrives. Ahhhhhhhh....
The Lord is giving me some much needed clarity on what the next steps are for ClubRising and for me personally concerning the older Somali girls. I am looking forward to jumping back into regular meetings in January. I am preparing now for the volunteer training night which is Jan. 8th. But before that arrives we will be having a Christmas party with the Somali kids this Tuesday evening (Dec. 11). The Quran tells of angels announcing to Mary the virgin birth of Jesus along with other biblical details so Larry Singletary is putting together a simple dramatization of the angels announcement to Mary as a bridge between our beliefs. I truly can't wait to hug all my girls and catch up with them. I miss them soooooooooo much! You'll see in the photos below a picture of me sitting with the older Somali girls. Love that picture!

Another important update is one concerning our ministry on the road. After much prayer we believe God is calling us to leave our ministry on the road at the end of summer 2008. For Billy this is quite a huge decision as he has been on the road leading worship for 17 years. We're talking a major life change here! There are several reasons behind our decision. I have struggled with acid reflux for over 2 years now and each time my voice heals the reflux seems to flare up again. Also, the phone just hasn't been ringing like we need it to in order to keep a band on the road full time. But more than any of that - I finally dropped all pride and admitted that I truly can not be the best mom, the best wife and keep heading up ClubRising and stay on the road without being completely overwhelmed. Something just had to give. Billy's heart and my heart are being more and more drawn to the work we are doing with refugees in San Antonio and we are tired of leaving San Antonio when our hearts long to be with the refugees. So, it just made sense to plan to leave the road and plant ourselves firmly into the lives of our Somali friends and the Karen People.
A year and a half ago I was waiting on Libby and reading a lot of books about missions. I truly felt that I was called to the foreign mission field, but I knew Billy's calling was here in the States. I prayed a lot during that time that God would show me what he intended to do. Then, an Iranian believer had lunch with us one day and after he prayed for us he said, "The Lord is about to bring the nations to you." I did not know what that meant at the time. But now, I'm looking back and seeing how that word has been fulfilled and I am so grateful to the Lord for being so incredibly clear with us before we even needed to know. What an amazing God we serve!

If you have not read any previous blogs about the work we are doing with these refugees through ClubRising, ESL under the ministry of XTI - then you can read about it at: - which is the organization we are volunteering for in order to do this work.

Billy Foote Music, Inc. will still exist. Billy will still write songs. We'll still record songs and see what God does with them. But we're just not going to travel to lead worship anymore after August 2008 other than some very occasional events. We are instead going to worship wholeheartedly with our lives right here in our city among unreached people groups God is divinely putting before us. We will also be involved in some short-term missions throughout the years to come. It really is a work of God come full circle for us and we are truly excited to see what God has in store.

We will remain non-profit and while we have received some financial support over the years from contributors, we have never needed it to remain on the road. Now, however, Billy Foote Music, Inc. will actually be in need of people giving in order for us to volunteer our time in ministering to the refugees. So, if you or someone you know is interested in supporting this work please know that BFM, Inc. would be incredibly blessed to receive such financial support.

I will say, though, that the most important thing we need from family and friends is prayer! I can not state this enough. The battle is not financial. The people we are working with are from people groups that have never had ANY known access to the gospel or have had very little. The Somali Bantu are the number 4 unreached people group in the world. The enemy is not going to just hand over the hearts of these people. We need your prayers in order to be effective in showing the love of Christ to these precious people who have been in bondage for so so long. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - ask God to put these people on your hearts regularly for prayer. Ask that God give these foreigners dreams and visions that confirm His truth. Ask that God send more laborers to this field. Ask for these people's hearts to be made ready. Ask for their eyes to be open. Ask for us to find favor with them. Ask - because we have not because we ask not. So just ask!
So, to sum it all up - Libby's 2 (in every way and then some!). Billy's 41 (though still acting 2 from time to time (haha)! We've been to SC and back. We've seen the direction of our Lord clearly and now we are embarking on a faith journey - a new season of unknowns - and we have never been so fulfilled or satsified as we are now.

Thank you for your precious time and interest in what God is doing in this small family.
Blessings on you all as you remember the humility of our Lord to come to us in flesh to ultimately die (and, of course, rise again!) so that we can eternally live!

With incredible love for you all!
PS - Here's a great idea for Christmas giving: GFA (Gospel For Asia) has a Christmas catalog in which you can purchase different kinds of animals, clothing, bibles, water filters, etc for poor families in Asia. You can purchase these items in honor of a friend for their Christmas gift. Go to: to find out more.

Monday, November 12, 2007

God too?

Just a quick post to tell you about Libby's latest sweet "quotable":

We were looking at our band's myspace page and one of our songs was playing. Libby asked, "daddy singing?" I said, "yes". She said, "mommy singing?" And I said, "yes". She said, "Kevin too?" (he's our drummer, so instead of explaining that he's not singing I just said, "yes".) And here's the best part.... she then asked, "God too?"

Love it! - C

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Season

Finally we have been getting some much needed rest. The last 2 weeks or so have been wonderful! We are so thankful for the Lord providing time for us to slow down and rest in Him. We've still been busy - birthday parties, CR meetings, Christmas shopping, House Church, toddler activity, the zoo, visitors, etc. - but it's all been enjoyable.

A mom (Linda) whose daughter is from the same orphanage Libby is from recently visited Xu Wen SWI and spent several days with the orphange director and staff. Linda purchased a computer for the director and since the director's daughter speaks English we now have a way (through email) to be in touch with the people who cared for Libby during her first 9 months. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that. We've already received a post card from the orphanage which is in the process of being translated and today we sent our first email to the staff with updated photos of Libby. This will be a huge blessing to the staff -but especially to Libby over the years to come. Xu Wen took incredible care of our little girl before we could get to her and we are exceedingly grateful!

We have several prayer requests at this time:

My dad (Dennis Graham) will be having a heart catheter on Tuesday at 10 AM eastern time. The cardiologist found 2 blockages that brought him to the decision that dad needed the catheter done. Please pray that they see exactly what's going on and they have wisdom from above on how to bring healing.

My brother is currently looking for a job. It's not an urgent situation, but he'd really like to find the job that God has for him.

Billy's family - Billy and Winky Foote and Wendy and Robbie Tompkins have been facing the huge challenge of putting Billy's grandparents into assisted living. Along with moving them to the facility they've had to straighten out bills, banks, and clean their home. It's been a really tough, physically draining time and I know they'd appreciate prayers for them to be strengthened and given rest.

Libby has been blinking and squinting a lot lately so we took her in for an eye Dr. appt. today. The doctor said the squinting and blinking is from allergies so he gave us some allergy eye drops for her. But the doctor also said Libby is more nearsighted than she should be at this age and he believes she'll need glasses by this time next year. I'm asking Jesus to correct her vision if that is in His will.

Our friends T. and K. and their daughter are missionaries in an Asian country right now. They have all come down with a virus that has made them all very sick. Please ask Jesus for their healing and for their bodies to be restored to health quickly.

Lastly, we are in the process of making some big decisions about our ministry on the road. Please pray for guidance - that we will do exactly what God desires - even if it's CRAZY! All glory to Him!

We love you all!

Cindy Foote

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lollipops and Pumpkins

The last month has been such a whirlwind. We traveled every weekend - from Wisconsin to Austin and Dallas and then to Atlanta. During the weeks we spent Mondays as a family (sort of our Sabbath) and then Tuesdays we spent our days getting ready for CR and then Wednesdays we had play groups and in the evening - house church. So - you see we had very little time off. In fact, last week we not only had to prepare to lead worship in Atlanta, but Billy and I both had to speak at that event - which took a lot of preparation. Pretty much every waking moment that wasn't occupied with previous commitments or toddler interaction was filled with Bible study for our "talks". In a 3 day period we flew to Atlanta, Billy spoke 3 times (an hour each - for a worship conference), I spoke for a women's ministry dinner (concerning adoption), each band member led break out sessions and we led worship at least 6 times and then flew home. Whew!! But even though we were exhausted, it was a good exhaustion. We really enjoyed the more intimate setting of ministering to a smaller group and we felt like the weekend demanded the use of all our gifts and that was refreshing!

Libby is a talkative, crowd loving (but cautious around strangers), kids-day-out-going, determined to make you laugh angel! We are in love - more and more. Our new trick in airports and on planes is.... Lollipops!!! She loves 'em and they make her forget about the fact that we had to turn the movie off for the descent.

Every other Wedneday we go to a play group with Libby's other Chinese adopted friends. All 4 girls are they same age (their birthdays are all in Oct and Nov). This week we decided to take them to a pumpkin patch to get a picture of all 4 of them together. You can only imagine the chaos that ensued. Trying to get 4 toddlers to look at the camera (happily) at the same time is - well - impossible!! I'm sure the other moms are at home giggling even now about how loud I was calling out Libby's name over and over again trying to get her to look at the camera! UGH! ARG! UMF!

The real drama didn't occur, however, until our last few minutes of picture taking. Finally we had all 4 girls sitting down in a row. A tractor pulling a trailer of kids for a hay ride was about to pass behind us moms who were kneeling on the ground trying to capture the moment. We were looking forward to the tractor passing behind us so the girls would be looking at it - and therefore looking in the direction of our cameras. But as 3 of the moms (including me) were intensely focused on the moment - one wise mom was watching the trailer coming toward us and started yelling "MOVE! MOVE!' The next thing I know Rhonda (one of the moms) came flying forward in pain. The trailor had rolled over her foot and crushed it! She somehow managed to ask "did we get the picture?" in the midst of being on all fours in tremendous pain. We were certain her foot was broken and she definitely couldn't walk or drive. But we all got her into the car and from there she figured out how to get to the dr. - Good news - the dr. says Rhonda's foot is not broken and today it is feeling much better! Poor thing! She is a mom of 4 and we were all so concerned that she would be on crutches for months. But, for now, it looks like she will heal quickly. It's just badly bruised and maybe sprained. We love you Rhonda! You get "Mom of the Year" for being so concerned about that photo in that moment! You are so tough and so amazing! I'm seriously impressed! Below is one of the last pics taken before Rhonda's foot was introduced to a tire!

We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we have no traveling to do until mid-November. Well - actually - we might go to the studio in Abilene to record a new song - but other than that we're home until Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving we're going to Charleston to visit my family. Then we'll be with Billy's for Christmas.

So - I guess I'm headed for some rest and holiday shopping this month. That sounds nice! Oh- and also we're preparing Libby's 2nd. birthday party. My friend Cristie and I decided to combine Libby and Maliah's party together at a nearby park. Theme: ELMO!!!

Love you all!


In less than 3 days the Lord has answered the prayers for Jason to find a job. Jason's boss at Beazer found a way for Jason to basically have the same exact job, same pay, insurance and all - just under a different company that works for/with Beazer! Jason took a day to look over the situation and make sure it would work out and, as of this morning, he has decided to accept it! So - he'll enjoy his "surprise" paid vacation this week and will start his "new" job in the middle of next week! I can't tell you how happy I am for them! They really needed this answer to prayer. All praise and thanks to you, Lord Jesus - You are the One who knows our need before we ever ask!

Thank you all for your prayers!!!

By the way - my dad is still having some health issues that he can't figure out. He is meeting with a cardiologist next Monday and he also had some blood work done today to check his thyroid, but he still needs our prayers. Pray for God to preserve his life and heal him. Pray also for the doctors to have wisdom in diagnosing dad's problem. Also - mom is still recovering from pneumonia (spelling?) - but she is making good progress. Thanks again for the prayers! - Cindy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quick Prayer Request!!

Praying friends... My sister, Becky, who just had baby Camryn (see last entry for pics) called today. Her husband, Jason, was laid off work today. He worked for Beazer Homes. Though Beazer has been doing some cutbacks nationwide, Jason wasn't expecting to go so quickly. His boss was sad to let him go because Jason is a really hard worker of the utmost integrity who is really, really good at what he does.

So please pray that God would give Jason an even better job! First - because he deserves it! Second, because they just had their 2nd. baby this month. And 3rd. -bc they've been doing some necessary remodeling that has left Becky without a kitchen for over a year and now they will not be able to proceed until he has a job!

Pray also for the Lord to show His compassion, kindness and provision during this tough time for them - and discernment about what new job to take - and peace through it all.

Thank you,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome to the World Baby Camryn!

On October 11, 2007 Cindy's sister, Becky, delivered her 2nd. baby around 7:30 AM. Her name is Camryn Elise Bowick and she is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is a little over 7 lbs and - in my opinion - is complete perfection! I've posted a cute picture of the new born! Congratulations Bowick Family! And welcome to the world precious Camryn. You are LOVED!!

Billy has still not given me the "proof of large fish" - so no pics yet of his fishing trip. Our family and band recently traveled to Wisconsin to lead worship for the Kern Family Foundation Retreat. The Kern Family Foundation scholarships 50 top seminary students from around the country and brings them in during their last year of seminary for a retreat. It was held as a BEAUTIFUL Conference center. We were hoping for some cool weather - but the warm air followed us there and it was hot and humid. That was sort of disappointing. Kristie came to help take care of Libby. Libby remembered her from the summer and she took to Kristie very quickly. We love you Kristie!!! Thank you! - Especially for the long, humid, uphill walks pushing Libby in a stroller! You're the best!

We did have one really CRAZY toddler tantrum/melt down. It was on the plane ride to Wisconsin and it was the last hour of our long flight. She screamed like a cat being skinned alive and she thrashed her head around everywhere. Passengers were complaining and I was sweating! She was just really tired and could not get comfortable and so it spiraled out of control from there. She continued to have a few other tantrums through that weekend but they were less violent. And when we returned home Libby woke up the next morning and said really loud and happily "HOME!! Hi Home!" And she's been back to her normal happy self since. She is now clearly aware of when we are off schedule and away from home and she apparently doesn't like it.

Libby is flourishing with language development and says some of the cutest things. She puts people and activities together declaring all day what daddy's doing or what Kristie or Gammy are doing. She says "Daddy sleeping" "Daddy eating" "Daddy TV" "Daddy play guitar" or "Daddy fishing". She says "Kristie driving" and "Kristie home" and she says "Gammy phone" and "Momma singing". She has more complete sentences too - but these phrases she says all day!

Libby's new favorite thing to do is grab her stuffed animal "the monkey" (yep, totally creative name) and hands me her stuffed hot pink bear (called "bear") and we turn on a Veggie Tales music CD and dance with our stuffed animals all over the game room. It's really cute. The Monkey is her new best friend!

Libby is also getting very interested in letters and colors. We'll be working on that some in the weeks ahead.

Kids Day Out continues to go very well. Last Tuesday on the way to "school" Libby started naming the people in her class - Nate, Bella, Shobin, Mrs. Kim - oh and she always says "Canyon" but he's not in her class. Libby thinks most boys are "Canyon". Very cute!

Today we head out for a retreat just outside of Austin and then Sunday we're in Dallas. Should be a great weekend!
Until next time -

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fishing, Family, and Friends

So, after Billy's parents left San Antonio we began to pack for 2 seperate trips. Billy packed for a fly-fishing trip to the San Juan River in NM and Libby and I packed for a trip to see my family in SC. Billy had an amazing time on the river with his friend, "Steve the Fireman". They both caught an incredible amount of beautiful trout. Billy said he's appreciating his time on the river more and more as he gets older. He came home feeling refreshed and wishing he could fish like that every day. He promises to get some proof of caught fish (a.k.a. photos) from Steve. When I have them I'll post them.

Libby and I flew across the nation to be pleasantly surprised by cooler weather. Our first evening in SC we celebrated my brothers birthday. Each day after that was full of adventure as we met with friends and family - many of which I have not seen in quite a long time. The long list of people we had a chance to see are: my mom and dad, my sister, brother-in-law and niece, my brother and sister-in-law, Mema, baby Matthew, Aunt Marsha, Aunt Jenny, Cousin Arlyn, Alli, Jennie, all of Becky and Taylor's friends, Pepa and Ann, and Mrs. Carol. Libby and I stayed at my sister's house. Kuddos Jason on all the remodeling you've done! It's lookin' GREAT!
Libby is blossoming so beautifully. She is becoming less and less intimidated by a crowd and she's starting to call people by their names and engage in "conversation" and initiate games. She just seems so happy and free these days. Her smile makes her whole face beam - like it's coming from deep within. She is starting to try and sing the words in songs, she's saying several full sentences ("i see you" or "i guess so" or "i see mommy and daddy"), and she's counting (kinda -if 1,2,3,11,12,9,10 can be called counting).

One particular reason for going to SC was that some dear college friends asked me to meet them there to have a reunion of sorts. Alli, Jennie and I have not all three been together since my wedding - in 1999. I spent Friday morning being extremely nervous about 1: leaving Libby for 2 days and 2: seeing friends I had not seen in so long - after lots of life changes. But Libby ended up being an angel for my very pregnant sister and the time with my friends was WONDERFUL! I had no idea it was possible to talk that much in such a short perioud of time - but we did! We talked until 1AM Saturday morning and then woke up early and started talking again. We had a delicious breakfast in downtown Charleston and drove to N. Chas to visit CSU for old time's sake. I can't believe 10 years have passed since that season of our lives. Time flies. Each of us is a mother and involved in ministry in one way or another. It's amazing to see how God has protected and blessed each of our lives all these years. God is so faithful, so good. And, by the way, I have some beautiful friends - inside and out!

Libby is doing great in her new Kids Day Out program. She cries when we first leave her, but from day one at this new program she has taken her naps, eaten her food, played well with the other kids and not cried at all! She knows this place is different. She comes home with crafts and a sheet that tells us what/how she did for the day. And she comes home happy! Billy went with me to drop her off the other morning and he could tell a difference right away! So we are confident we did the right thing by moving her to this program and we are so grateful to the Lord for providing us with that alternative. I feel like a new woman because after having 2 successful days of Libby going to "school" I now have a clean house and I'm getting caught up on office work. LOVE THAT!

A few things to be praying about:1. Yesterday my dad, Dennis Graham, had a strange sensation that really worried him. He said it felt like he might pass out and he thought it might be a heart attack. He went to his doctor and the doc did the EKG thing and there was no sign of a heart attack. However, the dr. could not do the stress tests because of some ridiculous insurance issue. Anyway - please pray that my dad can get the stress tests done ASAP to make sure there's not some kind of blockage. While my dad feels like there may have been other, less significant things going on - I am certainly concerned that he might have a blockage. Please pray for his protection as he waits for the appropriate tests.

2. Billy's grandfather fell and broke his hip last week. Pray for his healing and pray for Billy's family as they are having to care for him and work through some really difficult issues concerning Papa's bills and healthcare.

3. My sister should be having her 2nd baby girl any day now. If she doesn't go into labor by Oct. 5 the dr. will induce her. Can't wait to see that precious baby (and know her name!)!

4. I am coming down with a cold/brochitus (sp?). Please pray that my cough and drainage would come to an end so I can sing next week in Wisconsin.

We are home for a few days. Next Wednesday Billy is supposed to drive to Dallas to teach a couple of classes at Christ for the Nations (a worship institute). Then Thursday we fly to Wisconsin (yep, that's a first!). We are looking forward to that trip - can you say cool weather!! YES!

Some of the pictures posted include: (in no paticular order)

Alli, Jennie and I reuniting!

Libby at a park with Taylor's friends

Gigi helping Taylor and Libby put together a puzzle

Papa showing Libby how to fill a bird feeder

Aunt Becky looking beautiful at 9 months pregnant

Libby and Taylor in the grocery story "car cart"

Mema (who refuses to look at the camera!) and I

Libby throwing a good fit while trying to get a photo with Kelly and Carissa

Libby in our house reading a book - thought my family would like to see the inside of our home.

Taylor with her arm around Libby

Much love to all!