Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Libby's 4th Birthday Party!!!

Last year we didn't do a real birthday party for Libby. And the year before that she shared a birthday part with her sweet friend, Maliah. So this year, after all the hype about Gracie it was time to give Libby a big party. We decided to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party at our house - upstairs in the playroom. While the structured games like pin the tail on Mickey and Find Pluto's Doggie bones didn't quite go as planned and we ended up outside to set the active ones free, it ended up a great party. Libby dressed up like Mickey Mouse for the party and as everyone arrived she gave each of them their own Mickey ears. The little mice were served mac and cheese for lunch and then Mickey Mouse cake for dessert. Libby received some awesome gifts - many are so perfect for travel and since we have a big trip coming up I am one excited momma that our friends were so creative and thoughtful in their giving. Libby received everything from hotwheels cars and race tracks to Barbies and craft necessities. She continues to love the soccer goal my parents bought for her birthday and is IN LOVE with all the cars and tracks that Grammy, Papa Boots, and Wendy and Robbie (and Brooke) sent her. In fact, a couple of days later Libby got in trouble and the only discipline that worked was taking the cars and race tracks away for 2 days. She is missing those cars something fierce. Tomorrow she will get them back! Whew!

I can't believe Libby is 4. She is growing up incredibly fast and she is a FANTASTIC big sister. She loves on Gracie all the time and celebrates Gracie's milestones without any jealousy. She plays with Gracie and watches over her. She's such a big help to me - which is GREAT since Gracie is crawling now. I need the extra eyes and ears!

Here are the party photos:

Best Friends!

Crawling Chronicles

Last week we noticed Gracie was starting to figure out how to get her chubby thigh out of the way so she could move her foot back into the crawl position. She even moved a pace or two forward, but she wasn't fully crawling until Friday, Nov 13 at the end of Libby's 4th birthday party (to be chronicled in the next post). Since then she has figured out how to crawl like a champ and she is EVERYWHERE! This little sweetie is ready and able to get into anything. With her crawling came a whole new side to her personality and a whole new energy level. She does NOT want to be in her stroller or car seat for very long. The girl is ready to rock and roll - just in time for our LONG car drive across country next week.... YIKES! Without further delay... the crawling chronicles in photos:

serious determination!

These next photos of Gracie in the black sweater are from this morning. Libby wore this sweater around the same age... Gracie just fills it out better! I included a picture of Libby in this outfit so you can compare. Libby was 11 months old in her photo and Gracie is 9 1/2 months old in the same outfit.
(baby fat legs!)

(little chicken legs!)

I LOVE this picture (above)! So Gracie!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

October in Pictures

October began with outdoor play and soccer. It continued with the wonderful visit of my parents (detailed in the previous post) and other magical moments along the way including dressing up for trick or treating. Enjoy the photo review of this good month.

Gracie loves the outdoors.

Libby was searching for creatures.

The girl ROCKS at soccer - seriously!

Bright eyes!

Play time is tough stuff.

Pumpkin hunting.

Daddy's girl.

Libby loves nature...a girl after Papa's heart.

Gotta love that smile!

My really cute parents. Their trip and more pics are detailed in previous post.

My chunk of love!

My 2 beauties.

They love each other so much. It's so sweet.

Daddy gets Libby ready for fishing.


NOT happy about the rollers and even more unhappy that I was taking a picture of them.

post-rollers.. and a very cute outfit!

The Foote and Gibbons girls.

Thank you Strickland family for this musical leapfrog table. It was Libby's favorite toy and now it is Gracie's!

Sweet Gracie - all cozy and warm so she can cheer her sissy on!

The soccer princess.

The Foote family as pumpkins.

Mickey Mouse

Last minute ballerina.

Mickey and the Cowboy.

The end.