Friday, April 11, 2008

Liberty Kingdom and God's Kingdom

Libby has a new kingdom - one made of wood, sand and swings! Her daddy spent all day Tuesday building the new swing set with a friend - Steve the Fireman! After a little heat exhaustion and a day's rest we added sand, a chalk board, a Dora chair and a play sword (for Princess Libby to defend her kingdom, of course! - see above pic: Libby wards off bad bald man with her terrible swift sword!). She is smitten, let me tell you! We will be spending some hot afternoons in the backyard from now on! Hopefully some neighborhood kids like Mridula and Mahira can come over for some swing set fun! Grammy and Papa Boots gave us a significant gift card to help pay for "Libby's World". Thank you Grammy and Papa Boots!!!! You're the best!! Oh, and we hung the red swing for little Aria. Can't wait to see both the girls defending their fort and laughing as they swing side by side!

In other news... Daddy and Libby have begun a REAL garage band! Look how serious Libby is about it! Attention mommy and daddy - this may not be a fad.... this may be a real life-time hobby/career!

Libby and her friend, Taylor, had a blast at the San Antonio Children's Museum recently. They could have stayed all day! But truly - it was mommy Cindy and mommy Jenny (a.k.a. Sassy Puppeteers) who were having the most fun!

Libby's way into talking on the phone these days. Yesterday she was wearing a cute sundress with her hair up in one ponytail on top of her head. She was chewing gum (which she LOVES to do) while I tried on some clothes in the Old Navy dressing room. Billy called my cell and Libby wanted to talk. So when it was time to leave the dressing area - out comes cute Libby smacking away as she tells daddy about her day at school and asks him if he's been fishing. Everyone in the store was enjoying that sweet moment.
Libby also loves dogs. Libby's new friend, Lily has two dogs and Libby (not understanding the concept of dogs "fetching" the ball) kept pelting the poor things with the rubber toy. Libby may look all girl - but there is a serious tom-boy in there with a great throwing arm, I might add.

We are finishing up work on a 5 song worship CD. Next week, Kevin will begin the final stages of mixing and then it's off for mastering, printing, etc. We'll let you know when it's ready!

There is a Kingdom that will never pass away. Liberty Kingdom will rot and fall. But the Kingdom of God is victorious and eternal. Picture Jesus in Libby's place (from the top photo in this post). There he stands firm fighting for you and every other helpless soul. What will you do... ignore his authority and commands? That would not be the right response of an otherwise dead person being defended by the highest authority in the land. And now picture eternity - in that eternity there will be some who were the least but have been made the greatest. And some who were the greatest who have been made the least. It is a Kingdom that turns our own upside down, isn't it? May all our own kingdoms fall as we raise the banner high for the only One that fights for us and gives life!



David Guion said...
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Jenn said...

I love being able to look into your heart, Cindy, when you write such passionate blogs. You inspire me! What an incredible blessing from the Lord when He led us to y'all!
I'm praying for you and all the volunteers and the Somali Bantu everyday!!


Katie said...

Wow...Jenn's comment says it perfectly. I echo EVERYTHING that she said! Your passion for the Somali Bantu to know the saving grace of Jesus is so evident in everything you say and do. Thanks for being such an incredible example of the way to truly love people in Jesus' name! Love you.

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I couldn't help but to think about the Bible study I'm taking on the book of Daniel. All too often we think of ourselves first and have the mentality of "I am, there is none besides me." Isa. 47:8. Our pride gets the best of us. Of course, God is the"I am" not us and our purpose is to serve Him and to plant seeds in a lost world. The enemy knows where we are most easily tempted. We often let him convince us that our families, jobs, activities, etc are more important than going about God's work. I pray we will have the clarity to see beyond ourselves and have the courage to step up and do something about it. I'm praying for the Somali Bantu and for more volunteers.

Alli said...

I loved reading what you had to say. I love your passion and I appreciate you laying it all out there. You just say it straight..I think that's one of the reasons why we connect so well, friend! You challenge and inspire me. Thank you. Praying for you!!


Wendy said...

A very powerful post!!! very true in so many ways...

Thank you for sharing you thoughts and beliefs..

God Bless

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying daily for you guys!

Love in Him,

amie said...

Libby is so adorable and getting so big. :)
I agree with your post. We have become way too comfortable. God has given you a heart for those people and He will use you to minister to them.

Marti said...

I am continuing to pray for you!

And I love the heart that God is continuing to grow within you for HIS people. I'm glad you're at home in their home. And I understand exactly what you're saying about our excesses. The more at home we are in Liberty Kingdom--or the more He "makes Himself at home" in OUR kingdom--the less comfortable we are with our Supersized stuff.

I love you and am praying for Him to enlarge your hearts and ministry as well as your family! Wish I were closer. I'm sure Princess Libby needs a few more hugs. . .

used to be in Charleston
now in Florida!

Michelle Winkles Morse said...

Cindy! Through what would seem like a random series of events, I know God's hand led me to facebook to CSU friends, to Dita and Thomas, to your website. I dont have the words to express how overwhelmed I am at the Life God has blessed you with and is Using you in. How do I contact you other than this? my email is, I am so interested in missions, have been my whole life but just looking for opportunites at some point. Oh by the way, its Michelle Winkles!!! I forgot to say that! email me!