Sunday, May 18, 2008

Xuwen Sisters, Vacation, Marathons and Bridging Cultures! Whew!

Above: Libby and Maliah had a fun playdate at Liberty Kingdom!

On Thursday, May 15, Billy, Libby and I drove down to Corpus Christi, TX to join our friends Doug and Cristie (and the whole Martine/Gill Clan) for a weekend vacation. After arriving on Thursday we chilled out on the beach and met up with the Martine Fam and then went out for dinner where we had the delightful surprise of meeting up with Kristie and Shawn Martinez (Kristie was Libby's nanny for summer camps last year!) On Friday morning the skies were gray and the wind was chilly so we took Libby to the Aquarium. She LOVES fish so that was an easy distraction from the beach.

Friday afternoon - more beach and pool! Friday night - "Family Ties" team meeting for Beach To Bay. Then Saturday morning - RUN RUN RUN! Saturday afternoon and evening - more beach, pool and more Martine/Gill FOOD! Mrs. Billie Gill and Cristie can COOK! YUM! Sunday morning - more beach, pool and a quick drive home (boo hoo).

Doug and Cristie are the dearest friends. They are AMAZING parents! Billy and I are always learning from them. We are so grateful the Lord allowed us to meet them through our adoption journey to Libby (and theirs to Maliah!). It struck me in a fresh way, over the weekend, that Libby and Maliah have known each other longer than they've known us. What an incredible bond they have. I cherish that so much. I believe it is an extra special, intentional gift from Jesus. His ways are so AWE-INSPIRING PERFECT!

Cristie - I enjoyed our time together, friend - and the run!! You are one of the most precious, kind, gifted, loving, thoughtful people I know. You have a heart of gold. You are genuine. You work SO HARD! AND your heart for adoption and missions is greatly admired! Love you, friend! Can't wait to train some more and run next year's race as fast as the Kenyans! HAHA!

For those thinking, "I've never known Cindy to be a runner".... you are sooooooo right! So here's what happened: The race we ran was the Beach to Bay 6 Man Marathon in North Padre (truly the highlight of my vacation!). We had 6 runners on our team. I've been training for 2 months with Cristie. She started me out running one mile and lifting weights. Then we worked up to 4 miles. I ran my first 4 mile run just 2 weeks before the race. Once we arrived in Corpus we realized my leg was actually 4.7 miles and I got a wee bit nervous about the extra distance - having only run 4 miles in an air conditioned gym with no wind! I had to pee at least 3 times before the run due to my nerves and still when I started my leg I felt like I had to go again. For the first two miles I felt like I had a full bladder and it was all I could think about! UGH! Also - there were supposed to be mile markers. I kept looking for the one mile mark and was probably well into my second mile feeling quite discouraged that my first mile was taking FOREVER! Finally at the second water station I ran by a volunteer and asked what mile we were at and he said 2! Boy was I glad to hear that. My first mile wasn't a 20 minute run after all! HAHA! My leg was 4.7 miles and I ran it in 48 minutes! I was totally proud of myself! During the race I learned that running outside is truly different than a treadmill (much harder on your body!). I'm a little soar today. Anyway - I DID IT!! And I didn't die! YEAH! There could be no greater moment than finishing up my leg and seeing Cristie dancing at the end ready to take the baton.
Below are some FABULOUS photos from the beach!
Enjoy the pics! Chow!

Just had to include this photo - affectionately titled "Shapely Head". After returning home this evening I started working on the computer. I turned around to check on Libby and she was wearing a shape sorter on her head, playing guitar and watching TV. I just had to giggle! So cute!


David Guion said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation to the coast. It also sounds like you'll be ready for the Boston Marathon in April of '09!

Great pics and encouraging words, as always.

We're agreeing with you in prayer for Cross-Over SA & CR.

Welcome home.

David, Kimber and Carly Guion

ps - How about Billy running with you next year in the relay? Woo-whoo!!

cristie said...

I LOVE those photos of Libby and the ones of the girls are too cute for words! Oh and that photo of them in Liberty Kingdom with just their faces sticking out is sure to be a AWAA calendar contest winner! Our weekend was so fabulous with you guys! I love seeing our girls giggle with each other and play. Of course, it also delights my heart to see beautiful Libby gaze upon Canyon with admiring eyes. Could the Lord be so full of blessings someday to make something of that? I can dream! If so ... we've got some way cute memories of the first seeds. I don't think his showing off with that soccer ball was for us. :-)
My friend ... you ROCKED the house on your first relay run! That is such an awesome final time you had! I am SO proud of you and can't wait to continue our workouts and look good for next year ... hey, next year I'll be hitting 35 right before the run! AAAAHHHHH
The Martine clan!

Alli said...

So proud of you girl! I was so happy to get that text from you! whoo hoo! What a full life you're living with friends, family, missions, ministry opportunities. The beach trip looked so fun too. What a blessing! May God bring sweet Aria to you soon! Gotta go...I think Tate might be trying to climb out of the crib!

CrownLaidDown said...

I am so proud of you! I want to do that some day!! How wonderful.

You know, the Lord has faithfully brought y'all to mind. But on Sunday morning, He laid you and Billy, Aria and Libby on my heart and I just began to pray. I prayed for blessing, for a quickness to your paperwork and I prayed for continued wisdom, as you minister to these dear Somali's.

Muc love to you!

PS Did you get my Q about me coming to SA in August? Want to meet? Are you home?

Jenn said... and Cristie are my heroes! A marathon!? You girls so ROCK! Looks like y'all had a great weekend. Sweet memories for all!!

So I'm totally interested in helping with the Thursday reading/jewelry-making time! I'm assuming my kids could come too? Let me know if you are needing help. What a fun thing for me and my kids to do over the summer!


julie w said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!
I love the pictures!
Julie Wilson

Michelle Morse said...

Cindy, I left a comment before but I don't know if you got it. It's Michelle Winkles from CSU. I was so excited to find you on here. I have a blog now too....fraid mine is kind of boring next to your awesome divine appointments, but it's there if you want to catch up. Do you have email? Mine is on my Libby is precious and ive been trying to keep up with the adoption process of Aria as well.

Lots of Love!

JinXiu said...

sounds like you had a great vacation.I loved the pictures of the Xuwen girls. they have both gotten so big. Wow.

Loved the marathon pics.

You guys are trully blessed with the life you lead.

fellow xuwen mom

ncseaward said...

Libby and Maliah are so cute together. I think it is an amazing God thing that you and the Martines are able to see each other often and the girls get to keep developing their friendship. What a blessing! Also, congrats on the run.
TG 116 mates,
Nick and Christi Seaward

Wendy said...

That beach looks so inviting...

Take Care