Friday, November 14, 2008


Just a quick post to say:

1. We have been waiting for Lulu for 5 months now and are eager for the next 4 to fly by!

2. Just a reminder that if you haven't been following our current adoption journey you can go to: to catch up.

3. We love that all of November is Adoption Awareness Month!

4. The Orphans Ticket Home Gala is coming soon - on Nov. 21! Please be praying that God would do a great work that evening in both educating San Antonio about adoption and raising funds to support bringing 5100 orphans home!

5. Today and tomorrow we are excited to have our adoption stories featured on the following site:  This site belongs to a ministry whose sole mission is to bring an end to the world's orphan crisis. Now that's quite a task. So when you check out our story on that site, don't forget to read about this ministry and lift them up in prayer. Julie is an amazing woman of God! You will love her!

6. Libby turns 3 years old in just over a week. I can't believe I am already celebrating her 3rd. birthday. I have been writing a special song to Libby's birthmother and as Libby's 3rd birthday rolls around her birthmother will continue to be heavy on my heart. I am so incredibly grateful that Libby's biological mom chose to give her life. She could have easily chosen abortion. But instead, she was willing to give Libby life and then share Libby's life with me and the rest of the world that is or will be blessed by her. May God be glorified through Libby's life and may Libby's biological mother be blessed by the gift of the Holy Spirit - the very spirit of adoption so that she may know Jesus, may make Him known and may have eternal life. I pray with much fervor for her salvation both for her - and selfishly - for me, because I can't think of a more incredible moment than when I'm standing in heaven watching Libby and her biological mother embrace for the first time since the day of Libby's birth. Can you imagine??!!!! 


Becky said...

That will be awesome!

Waitingfaithfully said...


I have been following your blog for a bit, ever since I found it via Jenn's blog . . . after finding Jenn's blog through little Susannah's blog (Room For At Least One More).

The first thing I noticed on Jenn's blog was "The Orphan's Ticket Home" banner . . . it was at that point that I realized that we all lived in the same great city!

We adopted our daughter Theadora (Teddi) on May 19th in Guangdong Province. (Celebrating six months today!) She is 3 1/2, and pure joy! Our neighbors brought their three year old daughter, Claire, home two months later in July.

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that my husband and I, along with our neighbors (Claire's mama and baba), will be attending the gala on Friday night. I am SO excited!!

Your "soon to be three" Libby is beautiful!! As is the way you share your heart through your blog, I am blessed!

Will you be sharing your song that you are writing to Libby's birth mom? I would love to hear it.

Blessings as you wait on your Lulu ~

See you Friday!


The Garrison's said...

Hey Cindy, we've e-mailed back and forth about AWA and I know yall through a few mutual friends! Anyway, I would love to know more about the Gala! I'm an adoptive Mom and very much feel a deeper calling..etc...I won't bore you with all that! But, shoot me an e-mail if you are able! Thanks again!