Thursday, April 23, 2009

So many people ask, "What can I do to help?" Here's the answer!

Our adoption agency is seeing an increase in the number of significantly malnourished babies coming in to their partner orphanages. Our agency has a transitional home in Ethiopia where children/babies chosen to be adopted are taken in and cared for until the parents can travel to get them. Many of the babies can not be referred to parents until they are healthy. This was our daughter's story. Our agency cared for her for 3 months before she was well enough to be referred to us. That entire time, America World was paying for our child's care - and the care and restoration of many many more.  

Often, these babies tummies are suffering from Giardia or other illnesses on top of the malnutrition. And the malnutrition alone can be severe. Just south of Addis Ababa is a region hardest hit by the current famine. We are expecting to see many severely malnourished babies coming in to the orphanages as a result of this. For these reasons, our agency is hoping to build up a supply of 2 special kinds of formula which have a molecular structure that allows babies to digest the formula with great ease, put on the necessary weight and take in the nutrients for which they are starving. But our agency can not take on this task without donations of this formula and then sending that formula over with traveling families who are headed to Ethiopia to get their children and can take extra suitcases of this formula. 

Our family will be headed to Ethiopia at some point this summer (Lord willing!) and there are other families in our area who will also be traveling soon. So we are currently accepting any shipments of these 2 formulas that are donated so that we can pack them up and take them to these precious orphaned babies. We are asking for any donations of these formulas to be shipped to our home by June 1 so we know how much we have to pack for our trip and how much we need to get to other families traveling who can help us deliver the donations to the transitional home in Ethiopia.  

The 2 formulas we need to send are called Nutramigen and Alimentum Powder Formula. They can be found at Wal-Mart or HEB - BUT since you are going to have to ship them to me from where you are, the best way to do this is to go to to purchase the formula and then ship the formula directly to me through Amazon. Someone told me that Amazon has the best price. We need the powder form - NOT the liquid as the liquid needs to be kept refrigerated once opened AND it is too heavy to fill our luggage with. It is usually around $27 a can. It takes 2 cans to feed one baby for a week. These formulas are broken down so that weak, malnourished babies can digest it and get the nutrients they need. These formulas will save lives!  

Our mailing address is: Cindy Foote, 3531 Hilldale Point, San Antonio, TX 78261. Just let me know if/when you are shipping them so I can be on the lookout.

My deepest thanks!


Christina Chambers said...

Hi Cindy, My name is Christina Chambers, I am Alysia Brown's mom in Louisiana. I wrote earlier, or at least I tried, but not sure where my message went ( or where)!You will be receiving a case of formula. Ask Alysia about "Nutramigen", it was a blessing to us all. Love and prayers for your family.

God be with you, Christina

Cindy Foote said...


THANK YOU!!! God Bless you!! The orphans in AW's transition home will be strong and full and happy because of your donation.

Praise the Lord,
PS - I will get Libby to pray!

Rebecca said...

Hey Cindy,

I'm a member of Grand Parkway and was the one who helped you sell CD's the last time you were there. I'm trying to put together a formula drive to involve as many people as I can. I was also thinking about calling around to different companies that I know donate or match donations (i.e. Wal-Mart), but before I started pursuing that I need a little more information incase they ask - I don't want anything hindering getting those babies as much food as we can get them.

Could you email me at or so I can speak to you further about it.

Thanks - and praying for you and both your little princesses!