Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 Feet Added and She's So Much Fun!

Gracie Lu is home (in case you forgot to check out our adoption blog along the way)!  And though our whole family has encountered many trials in the last 2 months (fevers, stomach bugs, possible diseases, surgery, tantrums, no sleep... you know - small stuff - hee hee!) we are all so happy and doing very well! It looks like (I'll know a bit more tomorrow) Gracie's elevated liver levels are due to past infections and we will retest her in several weeks to make sure the levels are balancing out... that means - NO liver disease and NO metabolic disorders! Praise God! Also  - after my lumpectomy the cysts were sent to labs for biopsy and came back benign - NO cancer! So - while we did and still would praise our Lord if the news were bad - we are praising and rejoicing today for what I call - the thickest, most delicious icing on our cake - his healing, protection, deliverance, and provision from infirmity and his endurance, strength and peace in the midst of it all!

Today, I just want to share some precious photos of the 2 greatest gifts God has given me outside of eternal forgiveness and my sweet hubby - the 2 faces I greet, feed, entertain, hold and nurture everyday. They are both so precious to me. Every day I get a bigger glimpse into Jesus' love for us as I enjoy loving on Libby and Gracie. If I delight so much in them, how much more does God, our Creator, delight in them and all of us.
Tummy time with Gracie

post-roll-over smile

I love this picture of Gracie!

roll over begins...

arm goes over...

body next...

YAY!!! She did it!

look at how I'm holding my head up these days!!!

daddy and his girls (and shamu)

sister time... so sweet

Captain/Pirate Libby

Libby and I spent the day together at Sea World yesterday. The pictures are in reverse order from the day. We enjoyed Shamu - but from the very back because we were in a 4-D theatre watching a pirate movie and the whole Shamu stadium was full by the time we got there. Still amazing, though, to watch such a huge creature do awesome tricks. The one where Shamu comes up straight out of the water with a diver standing on his nose is the coolest!

Libby won this stuffed Shamu in a ball game on her second throw. She now carries him everywhere.

Her big catch!

Shark swimming overhead.

As soon as we got to the park the dolphins were being fed. So I bought a tray of fish food so Libby could feed the dolphins herself. Here, she looked at the food and said..."why isn't he moving?" I told her it is better for them to be dead before the dolphins eat them.

Libby - you are so pretty, cool and fun!

Right before we entered the gate at Sea World! Mommy and her big girl!



carissagraham said...

Loved the pictures! You sure do have 2 precious, beautiful, adorable daughters! Gracie is doing so well! She is farther along than Hunter - he doesn't even attempt to roll over and he hates tummy time. The Dr. said its because he is so chunky! She'll have to give her cousin a few pointers when they meet :). Love you all!

one mommy said...

You're such a good mommy, Cindy! Gracie-Lu is getting so big! Her face is so full and happy! We are leaving in 5 days. I'm freaking out. Love you!

philipvega said...

such absolutely beautiful pictures!! I miss you all so so so so much!! You are so blessed. Love ya
Jen (dont know why this is posting from phils)

David and Sarah said...

Beautiful girls!! Congratulations!

Alli said...

Tate just pointed at you and said, "Theeeeere's Jennie!" ha! Love your pics, especially the one where Libby and Gracie are looking at one another. I'm so glad you got to spend time alone with LIbby. That mommy/big girl time always helped Ava Love and I right after we added Tate to the family!

Elissa said...

love the picture of the girls looking at each other! Miss you guys so much. Gracie is getting so big!

Kristy said...

Every single one of these pictures make my heart smile!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Jennifer Wells said...

I love these pictures of your BEAUTIFUL girls. I was thinking about you today and wanting an update for how your sweet family is doing - so glad to see you are all so happy. Gracie Lu is getting so big and GORGEOUS! I love it.

My heart is just going CRAZY to adopt these days. It is on my mind everyday. I'd appreciate your prayers for patience for me (or that God would light a fire under my husband) so we'd be on the same page to adopt when we're supposed to.

Lisa said...

I'm praising God with you!!! Healing and smooth adjustments...simply awesome!!!