Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wendy, Robbie and Brooke Come in Town!!!

Wendy (Billy's sister) and her husband, Robbie, and daughter, Brooke, drove down to spend some time with us this past weekend. The rain was pouring down for most of the trip but we managed to have fun anyway! Brooke was so excited to see Libby that when she arrived she raced up the front porch and into the house before she realized that Libby was waiting for her on the front steps! haha!! Libby was ready to play! They changed clothes together a thousand times and sang us many songs.

Libby and Brooke play and hug in Libby's room. We bought a trundle for Libby's bed so Brooke and future friends/cousins can come over and stay for a while.

Libby made a "I love Brooke" sign to welcome her cousin. They played and were silly together from the very first second Brooke entered our home.

Wendy and Gracie

Brooke holds Gracie!

After a great night of conversations with Wendy and Robbie we all slept well and woke on Saturday ready for a day at Sea World!!! It was an entire day of fun and entertainment. The rain poured down until we arrived and then the sun came out and the day was perfect from then on!

Brooke and Libby loved feeding the dolphins together!

Maybe these dolphins are cousins.

Wendy, Libby, Brooke and me inside the shark aquarium.

Robbie gets some love from Brooke and Libby.

Libby and Brooke held hands and walked together for a while. It was really cute!

Lots of walking!

The girls had a blast on the Shamu Express - a kiddie roller coaster ride. You should've heard those girls scream and laugh. They loved it!

The fabulous Shamu show is NEVER disappointing!

Daddy and his girl! (well, one of them)

Robbie and his girl!

This was the best part of all!!! Wendy and I took the girls on the Log Ride and they LOVED IT!!!! We just had to ride it twice! It was so much fun watching them enjoy their first big ride! Great memories!


carissa said...

looks like you guys had so much fun!

britney said...

what great pictures! i laughed out loud at that picture of libby and her humongous lollipop :)
miss yall...

Casandra aka Aunt Sandy said...

Fantastic pictures ... thanks for posting them ... Libby and Brooke dancing on the bed is so adorable ... I know they had so much fun together ... soon Gracie will be jumping on the bed with them ... I haven't seen Brooke since late February yet she has grown so much. Can't wait for the holidays.

Kristy said...

It looks like everyone had such a great time!! Wow, Gracie has grown so much, just goes to show you what mommy/daddy/big sister/ and God love can do.

Love and blessings, Kristy