Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Libster

Libby is almost 4. That makes me want to cry... 4? really? How can it be? But sure enough, next month the celebration of her 4 years of life will arrive. Libby has grown into a whole new little girl in the last few months. Her love for Gracie makes my heart melt. She's beginning to ask big questions about her adoption. Tonight, as a matter of fact, she was looking over pictures on our wall of our first moment holding her and our first moment with Gracie. Then she asked, "mom, why didn't other people end up with me?" She was basically wanting to know how we were the ones who ended up being her parents. We had a great talk about it and in the end she started hugging me and in her baby voice said, "you're MY mommy, MY mommy!" Be still my heart!

Libby is in love with her Bible Reader's DVDs. Its the Bible set to cartoon/movie. She is absorbing knowledge of Jesus and His Word at such a fast pace and with great depth for her age. She is also starting to incorporate some of the lines in the DVDs to situations in other contexts. Sometimes she's dead on. Sometimes she is not. About 2 weeks ago Libby was sitting in my lap and kissing my arm - just being sweet. But then she said, "mom, I don't want to lose you." I was taken back a little since that statement was out of the norm, but quickly we moved on from that conversation. A few days later, Libby was in the tub and she looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, you are going to die in 3 days." Now I was starting to get scared. I mean, Libby has been somewhat prophetic in the past about some things so I literally started counting the days to recall what we would be doing. It was going to be Monday and we would be at a revival in East Texas. Hmmm... what might happen on that day. I was a bit concerned. Later that evening I told Billy what she said. After a few minutes he started laughing and said, "She got that from her Bible DVD when Joseph interpret's a dream and has to tell his co-jailer that he will indeed die in 3 days." We now laugh everytime her DVD gets to that part. Whew!

It's fun seeing Libby try to incorporate the information she learns into other areas of learning. For instance, Libby is always asking why God made trees, rocks, flowers, grass, etc. I give her answers including science facts and she loves to soak in the details. But one day she had a different idea. She asked, "Mom, why did God make rocks?" After I gave her the basic answer she replied, "No mom, God made rocks so David could kill Goliath." Well... I never thought of it that way, but yeah - maybe so.

Libby is now on a soccer team. She went to one practice, had to miss the first game because we were out of town, and now she has the flu and has missed another practice. Hopefully she can get well and play this weekend. Libby still loves to play drums and keeps asking for lessons... I'm putting that off for obvious reasons (NOISE!). And Libby loves being back in Mom's Day Out. Her teachers are Tanya and Sharon. She loves them both and loves Mrs. Bonnie (the music teacher) as well.

Maybe I'm biased, but Libby gets more and more beautiful everyday, inside and out. Every day I thank God for her.


Alli said...

I loved both of your new posts. It just melts my heart to read of the love your family has for one another. You are a blessed woman! Love you!

Marti said...

I was missing my Footes and realized I hadn't been here for a while. Kristen's adoption day ("gotcha day") was this week and I truly understand your heart of love and gratitude for the Father's goodness in giving you such precious daughters. Even after 22+ years it only gets better!


Kristy said...

Cindy don't blink....you will wake up one day and she will be 16!!! And it is just so hard to understand where the time went.

Love and blessings, Krist

Debi said...

You have 2 amazing gifts from God in your precious girls. Treasure each day with them.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Jennifer Lowery said...

Cindy, reading this reminded me so much of home! I felt like I was sitting in your spacious living room giggling with you and Libby. It is so good to hear from you. Now that I am in Korea, I will be waiting for updates with anticipation!

May God continue to bless your wonderful family. Congratulations.