Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Libby's First Hair Cut... at 4!

So, when a little girl takes the entire first 4 years of her life to grow her hair long "like her friends" its kinda scary taking her to get it cut off... but there comes a time when mommy must make a choice between stringy length and daring bob. Mommy finally found the nerve to follow through and we (Libby and me... and her daddy too!) are so PLEASED. She looks so sweet and grown up with her new look.

Here's the photo action from the day. It started with her friend Maliah coming to play for a few hours and ended with a bath and hair style-out to impress her daddy (who was late coming home due to jury duty - boo!).

PS.... God has been putting a beautiful heart of compassion in Libby as of late. When Gracie had her one year check up the other day, 4 shots in her legs were required. Libby, before I could even stop her, opened the doctor's office door and as she walked out she said, "I can't listen to her cry, mommy." Then, when she could hear Gracie crying she came running back in to check on her. Libby was really concerned for her little sister.

Today, when Libby got a glimpse of the news she saw an image of war in another country. She came to me saying, "Mom, I'm sad those people are getting hurt." And so we prayed together for them. I love seeing this "compassion fruit" grow in her.


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love the hair cut. she looks so grown up. wow, she gets more and more beautiful all the time! the whole compassion thing is presh!

Katie said...

LOVE Libby's new hair cut! She's so beautiful! :D

**TRACY** said...

Very cute!! Allie was almost 4 when she first got her hair cut. It just grew so long and pretty that I hated to cut it.

Read.Write.Pray/Marti Pieper Blog said...

She's growing more and more beautiful, inside and out.

Just like her mama!

Debi said...

I love the the new hair style! It is just so perfect for Libby!
I love the heart of compassion even more. What an amazing young lady!
Love and hugs and prayers,

Elissa said...

SO cute!!! We love the new do and what God is doing to her heart too!

becky said...

I love love love her hair!! She looks so grown up. Like a big sister! Sisters are good for each other. Don't you think?

Charisa said...

Hello...your sister suggested I check you here's another Charisa...I love your heart! and your girls are beautiful!