Friday, September 7, 2007

A Few More Pics (to go with first post)

Picture descriptions:
1. Libby with the Martine Kids during our Gotcha Day Dinner at Ming Court
2. Maliah and Libby laughing


Lexie said...

Its Lexie Gager (Karl and Jennifer's daughter...youngest daughter!)! I saw that you now have a blogspot! How exciting!! I started a blogspot a while back to record everything that happens on the journey to our Karleigh Mei. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your pictures!! Maliah and Libby look soo cute together!!
Have a great weekend!!

Alli said...

Happy Anniversary Billy, Cindy and Libby! We've enjoyed following your journey. Thanks for letting us in it!
We love you!
Cory, Alli, Ava and Tate said...

She is a beautiful girl! God has truly blessed you with something exquisite. May He continue to bless and open doors for you.

King Family said...

Congrats on Gotcha Day! What a treasure God brought into your lives one year ago. Blessings to your family.


Maura's 玠玠 said...

Oh!!! You have a blog. I am going to check it everyday! Libby is so precious. Love, love the Gotcha Anniversary pictures.
I don't update as much as I used too. We miss you guys. Maybe we can all get together some time back in the States!

Tara Jackson said...

I can't wait to get my Libby fix next week. Grace and I are looking forward to seeing you!

Libby's website has helped get me through difficult days- like filing for a new I 171 H today. Yuck! But you guys are such an encouragement, and Libby reminds me what we have waiting at the end!