Thursday, September 6, 2007

You Have To Catch Up In Order To Follow

This being our first blog post, I thought it wise to catch everyone up on the Foote path. Since the beginning of time (it seems) I've been posting monthly on Libby's site: But her site is full as she has been in our arms for a full year now. And it never seemed like Libby's site was the place to fill everyone in on the rest of our family story - our passions, our weekly ins and outs, our struggles, our hopes. So here we are - finding a place to post it all - Libby's life, family life, ministry life - you'll find it here.

So - here's the latest on Libby. Sept. 4 we celebrated Libby's 1st. Anniversary of Gotcha Day - the day we received Libby in China. Actually, we didn't get to celebrate on the 4th due to ministry travels, but tonight - the 6th. we had dinner with the Martine family (whose daughter, Maliah, is from the same orphanage). It was such a wonderful evening celebrating the most thrilling experience of holding our girls for the first time. We got some amazing photos of our girls together - holding hands and even a cute, toddler kiss. So precious! The Martine family is beyond amazing. The Lord gave us our friendship through adoption and now the Martine family is integral in almost every facet of our lives. We are so grateful for the gift of their friendship and we look forward to Libby and Maliah growing up together.

This morning was Libby's first day at Kids Day Out (a.k.a. school). She did fine until they tried to lay her down for a nap and then she lost it. They called me at 12:30 saying she had been inconsolable for an hour and I needed to come pick her up. Poor thing! I think she'll get used to school soon, but it may be a challenge for a while.

Itinerant Ministry News: We traveled to 5 different camps this summer which included trips to south TX, west TX, CO, TN and PA. Since the summer ended we've been to FL and NM. Several events canceled on us for the fall and, honestly, that was tough to take. The phone isn't ringing like it used to. We're asking the Lord to show us what He's doing and what He wants us to do. For now, it's a waiting game, but if things don't change by this time next year we will have to take a step back and reevaluate our ministry on the road. We realize there are a lot of dynamics to this situation and the majority of those are out of our control. So our ministry on the road is completely dependent upon the Lord and that's not a bad place to be.

While our time on the road may possibly dwindle - one thing we know for sure: God is giving Billy some incredible songs. Billy knows this is a true gift from the Lord and we are asking God to show us how to use these songs and get these songs out to the global church.

Ministry News at Home: During our wait for Libby, I read an enormous amount of books on missions. Through those books I began to feel that I was called to foreign missions, but I also knew that call was not on Billy's life at that point. So, obviously I struggled with the desire to do foreign missions and the inability to go. One day, an Iranian man was praying over us and he said, "the Lord is about to bring the nations to you". We had no idea what that meant.

So - let's stop there. It's late and you've got to be tired of reading last year's history of our lives. We're caught up for the most part - so now, you can Follow the Feet!

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Alli said...

How exciting to read a synopsis of what my friends are up to! Amazing! I can't wait to hear more about it. I love your new site Cindy. Great job! God bless you sister!

Marti said...


I am so proud of you and all that you are allowing Him to do in and through your life. Congratulations on one whole year with Libby Song! What a precious gift she is--and how blessed she is to have two parents who are teaching her to live a life where she can always SING TO THE KING!

(BTW, not only is she beautiful and brilliant, but she has great taste in music. Her favorite song is also mine!).

praying for you and for your ministry,


CrownLaidDown said...

We are celebrating with you over the one year anniversary! Praise Him!!

I love the blog, Cindy. May He fill these entries with blessings you share and ones you receive as well.
With love,
Holly Smith

PS Yay God for the songs He's giving to Billy! Can't wait to hear them someday.

Danylouu said...

I am pretty sure the Lord told me the "Feet" are supposed to lead worship at Summit Heights Fellowship! We miss you all and I look forward to seeing you 3 in person instead of the interweb! HE HE HEee...

Love the Crouches

Paige said...

I had fun catching up through your blog! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I'm so impressed with your techo-ability! I'm actually inspired...

We're excited to hear the new songs God has given. Give Libby a "squnch" for us!

The Hendersons

Alicia and Greg said...

I have followed your story since your referral was "lost" by Fed Ex! Every month I am anxious to read your post about Libby. When I checked in this month I was surprised to see your blog. I have tears in my eyes reading about Libby and your Mission work.

We are still waiting for our baby. LID 9-22-06. Libby is just beautfiful. You are so blessed to have such a beatufiul family. I know if I had your faith our journey to our daughter would be so much easier. Thank you for keeping a blog. You have touched so many lives. I will check back often! Warmly, Alicia