Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas and the BEAUTIFUL BEYOND! (you'll definitely want to read the end of this one!!! HINT!)

This was a spectacular Christmas!

We traveled to Gilmer, TX to be with Billy's family for the week. Libby was already a little sick, but she quickly got more sick and ended up with early pneumonia. It was good timing, though, because we were able to find a doctor right before the holidays who gave her some antibiotics and she started getting better after the first 24 hours of meds. Billy was sick. I had severe allergies that ripped my voice to shreds, but.....(I bet you're waiting for the "spectacular" part) we all were feeling much better by Christmas Eve and Libby was such a delight to watch! The magic of Christmas came over her like a "love at first site" moment as she pranced in her Christmas dress into the Tompkins house. Then she "rolled up her sleeves" and played like a true tomboy excitedly bouncing around with Brooke. When it came time for presents she knew exactly what to do - TEAR PAPER, GASP and SQUEAL WITH DELIGHT! Her Gammy, Papa Boots, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Robbie and Cousin Brooke all gave her such wonderful presents - pjs, lap table, educational toys, beautiful clothes, blocks, sleeping bag, Dora chair, socks, children figurines from around the world, a spanish music CD and book, cash register.... okay, the list goes on. YEP, she's spoiled. Thank you Foote and Tompkins families for loving us and blessing are daughter so much! Your kindness and generosity are overwhelming!

We had a delicious meal at Wendy's house that night and just enjoyed watching Brooke and Libby prance through the living room pushing a toddler size grocery cart and stroller. They loved playing together and we loved watching. We also had a Happy Birthday Jesus ice cream cake and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. This picture below was of Libby right about the time we blew out the candle. Isn't she so pretty!!!

That night Billy and I set up a fine display of toys for Libby's Christmas morning. When she woke up we took her directly to the room and she spotted the small drum set right away. She sat down with a delightful grin and banged away.

She refused to open her other gifts or even try to ride her Dora car. The drums were the only thing in her world at that moment. Does she make you proud, Kevin? Finally she opened her guitar, keyboard, house-cleaning set, and eventually test drove the Dora car (Wal-Mart rocks - we bought all her gifts there!) She loved them all and probably felt like she was finally a real part of the Billy Foote Band. She jammed with her daddy the rest of the day and we took some adorable video. Priceless!

Our time in Longview was wonderful. Billy's whole side of the family joined us in making another family's Christmas really special and that was really the best feeling of all. Crystal, Samuel and Elijah - The Lord has not forsaken you. He never sleeps. He never slumbers. He watches you continually. He knows your coming in and going out. He loves you lavishly and sees your pain. His comfort is being poured out on you. His provision is faithful. He has a plan for you - to prosper you and not to harm you. The entire world will disappoint, but He never fails to amaze, astound, and bless beyond our expectations. May this New Year be full of hope, renewal, rest, peace, and new life! We love you!

We returned home Wednesday after Christmas and spent the night taking down the Christmas tree. The next day we moved all our furniture from the living room into the breaksfast in order for hardwood floors to be put in. No one told us how messy that would get. We didn't do the work of laying the hardwood floors down, but the dust that was stirred up was like a Sahara sand storm and we spent DAYS (and still are spending days) cleaning up that mess. We could write our names on everything we owned. UGH! BUT - the floors are amazingly beautiful - so it was worth it!

On to the "BEAUTIFUL BEYOND" part of the title.... DRUM ROLL..................................................


We have officially started our journey to adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia!!!!

We sent our application in to AWAA on-line a couple of days ago. AND - we already have a blog for her. To follow our adoption journey and read the story of how we came to that decision go to: Yep - that's her name: Aria Hope Foote. Now we just have to wait for the Lord to reveal her to us!

The Ethiopia adoption program will most likely take 13-16 months. So by spring 2009 we should be home with her. But as international adoption goes... you just never know. It's a wait, trust, and wait some more adventure.

Happy New Year to all of you and may the Lord's joy be your strength the whole year through!

Happy Happy Happy!!!



Jenn Gager said...

So glad you had such a wonderful, memory-making Christmas! Love all the great pictures. Libby's little plaid jumper/dress is SO pretty--she looks BEAUTIFUL in it! Love the red velvet bow.

I am SO HAPPY to hear about your beautiful beyond! Aria Hope Foote is such a pretty name. I'll be praying for little Aria Hope!

I'm going to go and check out her blog now. :o)

Happy New Year!! :o)

Alli said...

I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY too sister! I look forward to praying alongside you on this journey! Love you guys!

Jen said...

I love the pic of Libby (in her lavender outfit with lips puckered)and her daddy. She looks so much like my little Xuwen princess in that picture! Congrats on the nwe adoption Journey.

Woof Family

megan said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys!! Libby and Aria are very blessed to have such wonderful, godly parents!

Keara said...

Dear Foote Family,
I am a regular reader to your blog. I was jumping with joy when I read your exciting news! Your family has always been such an inspiration to me. Congratulations and I cannot wait to see Aria Hope with her family.
Little Libby has grown so big. Her pictures show how much she has grown. I can imagine her talking and enjoying her drum set! I just want to say God Bless and I hope to hear from you soon!

CrownLaidDown said...

I've been praying for a family from's their site, if you'd like to stop by and pray for their little adopted girl, Ashley Kate:

We are from Marshall, so the LORD brought this family close to our homes and hearts!

Again, I am so very thankful for God's Hand on you all. Praying for this beautiful princess and thankful for the journey ahead!

Janee said...

Oh, CIndy! You had me in tears by the end. I remember talking to you about that small desire briefly at Camp Zoar last year. I am so excited for you all! I can't wait to read all about your new adoption journey!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I found your blog via Jenn Gager's but the small world thing is that I met Cristie and Maliah on New Year's Day. She told me about you and Libby.

Libby is beautiful and congratulations on embarking on your journey to Aria. We brought our daughter, Lindy Li-Xiao, home from Hunan in April 2006. Her birthday is 5/8/05. We were just logged in for her mei mei on 11/7/07.

Hope we can meet up sometime.

Feel free to stop by my blogs. I have three of them.

Happy New Year and many blessings,

Chloe's adoption said...

Hey Foote Family,
That is awsome. Congrats...Libby is a doll, I bet she is looking forward to being a sister. We will pray that everything goes well in the paper chase and God's will be done (hopefully quickly). Let us know when your in the East TN area. We would love to get together.
The Epps Family.

amie said...

I am so excited for you guys! I pray that the adoption goes smoothly and quickly.
Libby is getting so big and so adorable. I love keeping up with you guys. Take care,
Love, Amie

The Reeds said...

Cindy, I know you're getting a lot of comments so I'll keep this short(ha!). You sent a cd while I was in Prague and it blessed me so much! Now that we're in Kaabong (north of Moroto) it continues to be a blessing and so uplifting. Just today I played some and was encouraged. Thanks to you guys!

Ironically I was in San Antonio at the Singeltary's while you guys were in China. When the picture came through of you guys first getting Libby I cried.

I haven't even met you guys! How nuts is that? Congratulations and thanks to you both for being uplifting to people like us!

Big hugs from Karamoja!

Melissa said...

Wow...I am so ELATED for you guys...that's just wonderful.....I love it when families grow! Can't wait to hear more about Aria(beautiful music.....I love that!)!
We still need to catch up sometime Cindy....I guess I didn't realize how jam packed my schedule was when I was in SA!
Love you sister.....may the Lord be praised today and always though your family!
P.S. Marriage is SOOOO beautiful....I love it!

darcie said...

Wow! I love you guys! I didn't realize y'all were from the longview area! That's Great! I am too..sort of..more the Henderson area.
I think Libby is Beautiful and love rading the stories!

God Bless!