Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Musical Toddler Talk

Libby is a talker - That's for sure! But sometimes I can't quite understand what she is saying. So many of her new words sound the same. Of course, this can be a source of great frustration when she is determined that I WILL understand no matter how many times she has to repeat it. But once I figure out her toddler talk she lights up with such confidence (and relief!). It's a beautiful thing.

Here are 2 cute things she said recently that took a little mommy revelation to decipher.

Libby loves to jam on the instruments she received for Christmas and she usually wants mommy to play whatever instrument she's not playing. So, the other day she was playing her guitar and she wanted mommy to play the keyboard and sing into the attached microphone. Libby stopped playing and got really close to me and said "kicking" very sweetly. I was immediately confused as to what she was saying. She continued to repeat "kicking" "kicking" "kicking". I tried distracting her from her determination to communicate by playing the keyboard more wildly. But she kept saying, "KICKING" louder and louder. Finally I stopped playing, looked at her and said, "Kicking what Libby?" in a somewhat frustrated tone. She said, "kicking 1, 2. kicking 1, 2." And then it dawned on me - she watched me in the studio the day before testing a microphone and saying "testing 1, 2, 3" repeatedly. When I started "testing" her $19.99 Wal-mart Keyboard microphone (which annoyingly feeds back with an ear-piercing pitch) she smiled real big. She was finally satisfied.

2. At 6:55pm central time tonight (Wednesday) Libby started saying something that sounded like "mickey I dra". She has enjoyed drawing a lot lately so I thought she wanted to draw Mickey Mouse or something like that. When she realized I was clueless, she looked at me like I was crazy, planted herself on the couch, and whined the words "mickey I dra" "mickey I dra" over and over - and over. Once again, her very slow mother needed a revelation. I noticed her eyes kept wandering back to the TV when she was whining these words. I looked at the clock, saw that it was 5 minutes to 7pm and realized what she was pleading for....."American Idol!"(Perfectly clear, right?- "Amickey Idra") Yep, our barely 2 year old girl loves to watch crazy, somewhat delusional people try to "sing (which, suddenly concerns me since she always enjoys watching mommy and daddy sing - are WE delusional???) Every time a commercial comes on Libby gets all worried that Amickey Idra is not coming back on and she continually signs "more" "more".

So much fun! - C


The Reeds said...

That's too precious! And you're definitely NOT delusional!

Jennifer said...

Hi! I am sorry to bother you. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I am actually looking for Jayme Pesnell and when I googled her, I found you. Do you have current contact info for her. I went to DBU with her and just want to reconnect! Oh, and a neat connection...I grew up in Longview with Billy and Winki Foote coming to my church. I can still have records of Billy Foote stories and jokes! Small world, huh? I went to Macedonia Baptist Church...
If you can connect me to Jayme, I sure would appreciate it...and your Libby is precious....I haven't seen Lily since Brad and Jayme brought her home!!!! Thanks, Jennifer

CrownLaidDown said...

How very sweet...I love the process, as frustrating as it can be. What a thrill to hear your little one talk!

No, you are not delusional. I have you both on my mp3 player and so enjoy hearing you both! Praying over your journey today.

Anonymous said...

My sweet Cindy,

I love your Libby stories! As for delusional ...not a bit. From the back of the car, Maliah kept saying recently what I thought to be "CD". I would put in a CD of some sort and she would immediately say "No, CD". It took big sister Dakota to join the fun one afternoon and immediately say "No, Mom she wants Cindy". So, I put in your CD and the girl grinned ear to ear. She now tells me which number on the CD is her personal favorite. Check out "number 5" on "I have a River" .... we listen OFTEN as that is at HIGH request!
Your journal stories will be treasured for Libby forever!
Love you my friend