Monday, March 10, 2008

Carissa's Health

Thank you all for your prayers today. As the day progressed I found out the Carissa's vision was blurry while the tingling and numbness spread to her face and arms. Since she had a small black out last week and she had a splitting headache with the blurry vision and numbness they felt it was enough of a problem to have the ER run some tests.

Kelly, my brother, just called and said the doctors could not find anything wrong and she was fine to go home. While that is good news and I praise the Lord that she is feeling better, I am still concerned about what happened today. Since high blood pressure runs in Carissa's family and Carissa's blood pressure was high when she arrived at the hospital the doctor said that it's possible she had a very small stroke, but nothing showed on the MRI. Carissa has several mystery things going on with her health and we just need to be praying for her protection and for some answers.

Having said that, both Kelly and Carissa feel like everything is okay for now and they are just happy to be headed home. They are also grateful for your prayers!

Some good news for the day - Kelly has accepted a job at East Cooper Baptist Church in Chas, SC where he will be one of the contemporary worship leaders. He is part time now and will go full time in August. This is a praise as he has been longing to get out of his retail job and go back to leading worship in a local church. I know he is relieved to return to his passion.

Also great news - my brother-in-law, Jason has a new job as well. He had been laid off from his last job due to the real estate slow down. But he is happy to have a great job offer now. Pray for him to feel a peace and comfort as he learns the ropes of this new job. I know he is a little concerned about how much he will have to learn. But I also know - He CAN do it!!

Thanks again for all the prayers over all these matters! The Lord is good to us!!!

Cindy Foote


CrownLaidDown said...

Wonderful! Praise the LORD!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Praying the doctors will find what is ailing Carissa and get her on a course of treatment to help her. I know that is all scary, so I pray for her peace and patience.

Good news about your brother-in-law!!!

All the best,

Alli said...

Wow Cindy! I'm so glad I finally read your blog. I will add Kelly and Carissa to my prayer list beside my bed. My heart goes out to them. On a lighter note, I'm happy for him that he has a worship leading job and that Jason has a job too. What a blessing!

saved by grace said...


I used to know your husband, Billy and his parents years ago. I used to live in White Oak, Texas and went to church at Calvary Baptist Church when Pastor Sullivan was there. Billy and his family used to give mini concerts when they were little. My parents are Neil Ormes and Judy Ormes Randall. My name is Iris (Ormes) Carlstrom and I now live in Jefferson, Iowa. I love your website and it really touched me. Lilly is so blessed to have been adopted into an American home with a Christian heritage. Amazing Love is one of our worship team's absolute favorite songs and was sung at my and my husband's Marriage Covenant Ceremony. I look forward to reading more of your family's journey. Have a blessed day! Iris (0rmes) Carlstrom