Monday, March 17, 2008

Chinese Girl Band

Libby and Maliah had a play date and they rocked it out!
Here's to Xuwen Sisterhood!


Katie said...

PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS!! Those two girls put a smile on my face every time I see them! Then put them together....and it makes me smile even more! Thanks for sharing these pics; it seriously made my day!

Anonymous said...

I want front row seats to their next concert. How CUTE!!! I miss you Libby!!
Aunt Becky

Janee said...

These pictures made my day! So adorable! I love it!

eastandwest said...

Way too cute!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! these are some of the cutest pics ever! libby's face is absolutely priceless and the way she is stomping her foot while playing guitar reminds me of kelly. love you!
-aunt carissa

The Blessed Bryants said...

Cindy...those pictures are priceless!! I can just imagine Libby singing to the top of her lungs!! Just precious! : )

CrownLaidDown said...

They look like they're having so much fun!!

I thought of you on Sunday when we sang one of Billy's songs--and I thought--OH, I need to tell Cindy! My Chris got a job last week, beginning this Monday. God came through just in time--He's so very good!

Praying for you all!
Love in Him,

Kim said...

Hey Cindy,

I met you at Lis's shower. I can't call her so while I sit here teary eyed reading her bog I thought I would email you and we could have some commonality in our blessed joy for our friend. You guys have a blessed Easter.


Anonymous said...

Go Libby! We have been beating on the plastic buckets all lined up in a row for makeshift toms at "school" with all the kids, too.
Jammin' for Jesus!
Happy Easter to all the Foote's
Love, Ms. Belinda

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness!! How cute are they?! They are some rockin' girls!! :o)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

They are so stinkin' cute!!!

Love it!


JinXiu said...

I love the band. Can I join their fan club

Staci mom to emilee
Xuwen China

Wendy said...

Holy cow those are great pictures!!!
God Bless

Julie W. said...

Love the pictures!!!!
Klaire has a harmonica she likes to play! Maybe she could join the Xuwen sisterhood sometime! ha!
Love & Miss you!
Julie Wilson