Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few photos to go with last post....

The new 5 song CD!

Libby loves to play with baby Ari and baby Ling

Libby loves the Martine girls!

Still lovin' on baby Aria (she's practicing so hard to be a good big sister!)

All girl and yet she carries a ball with her wherever she goes!

Sharing snack time with baby Aria and baby Ling

Billy and I just before going on to celebrate our dossier being shipped to Ethiopia! (funny note: the grimace on Billy's face is bc Libby hit him right in the "you know where" just before the shot. She was mad that he was touching me. Can we say jealous? She promptly was "reprimanded"!)

Daddy gets the thumbs up for being the best dad in the world! This shot was taken on Father's Day! Billy is such an awesome dad!

The new house!


David Guion said...

Good morning!

Great pic of the new CD cover! (And great new CD, too!)

Great pics of Libby, Mom, and "grimacing" Dad!

Great pic of the new house!

Praying you guys will have a great week at Student Life.

(Did I use the word "great" too much?)


David Guion

Sue Cramer said...

Congrats!!! Just read your email, I'm so thrilled for you guys!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of the girls together.


Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Hello Cindy ! Marianne, speaking, French mum of Xu cousin Ninon. Congrats for the new album!! Where can we find it in France? Blessings to you 3 from us 3. Marianne

Chloe's adoption said...

Hey, just saw where you were in East Tennessee. Maybe next time you are in the area we can get together. We would love to see Libby and you all again. We are excited about your adoption from Ethopia as well. Hope you all have a blessed summer.
In Christ,
Brad, Holly, and Chloe Epps