Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Saying Hello

Just posting to say hello and update you on our move. We survived! We have been in our new home since Saturday and we've unpacked most of the boxes and even done some decorating. Friday - closing day - was quite a crazy day. All was fine until Libby "tinkled" on me during the closing appointment. I was soaked (so was the nice, cushion office chair - ick!). From that point on the day went down hill.... We had packed the car with some items and planned on moving some things on our own that day. When we got to the house Libby just wanted me to hold her. That is usually fine, but this was the day I really wanted to work and get some things done. As the day progressed, the painter arrived, the refrigerator was delivered and we made several trips back and forth with items we had not boxed and wanted to move on our own. Libby became more and more difficult and I just couldn't believe how little I was getting done. (also, the first color I picked for Aria's new room was the worst coral, neon pink/orange I have ever seen and I was so very sad to admit I picked it out). Anyway... by the end of the day I couldn't believe how tired I was. I was beyond exhausted. At this point, Cristie Martine had joined me and we took Libby back to the old house to put her to bed. I was brushing Lib's teeth and she said she wanted to do it herself. She took off holding the toothbrush in her mouth and fell face forward lodging the toothbrush in the back of her throat. Mommy was horrified as Libby lifted her head up and the tooth brush was obviously stuck. I gently pulled it out and she started SCREAMING! She coughed up some blood for a few minutes and sobbed on mommy's shoulder. Thank you Lord that Cristie was there because I would have been in a serious panic without her aid. We tried for the next 20 minutes to use a flash light to see the back of Libby's throat and she wouldn't let us. She was able to breath and not bleeding anymore so we put her to bed. She kept waking up ALL NIGHT because it hurt for her to swallow. As I laid down to sleep (knowing that moving day was only hours away and it would be a long one) I prayed and asked Jesus to take her pain away and allow her to wake up with no problems from her accident. The next morning.... prayers answered! She was perfectly fine and she joined the Martine Family for a pool day while mommy and daddy moved.

At the end of moving day (which was incredibly productive without a toddler hanging on my leg) Libby came home telling me about her day at the pool. I told her it was time to get ready for bed and she said, "I want to go home now." I said, "This is our home now, Libby." And she said, "No. This is our new house. I want to go home." She didn't sleep so well that night.

We are now happily sleeping well and wonderfully adjusted. We have tomorrow to rest. Thursday we pack. And Friday we fly to TN for our first camp of the summer. We'll be leading worship for a Student Life Camp near Chattanooga.

OH! - Our new CD is finished and we've worked out all the problems we previously had with the digi info encoded on the CD. Independent bands should have the new CD posted in the next few days and it will be available to the public at that time. It will take another few weeks, probably, before it's up on iTunes and other digi music stores. It's called "All The World To Me" so look it up when you get the chance (www.independentbands.com). We are having our website updated right now and when it's done I'll send a newsletter out to let everyone know about the new CD, the updated site, the adoption news and our new address.

Talk with ya later! - C


David Guion said...

Hi guys,

So glad that your move is done and that you're settling into your new house. And we're really glad to hear that Libby is okay after the "toothbrush" incident. (Never a dull moment with a toddler.)

Have a great week at camp next week and we'll see you when you guys get back.

David, Kimber and Carly


carissa said...

cindy! i am so excited to see pics of your new house. becky told me about it and it sounds beautiful. i am so glad that Libby is okay after the toothbrush incident - yikes! we are so excited and thankful for what God is doing in our family and we can't wait for aria!

love you,

Katie said...

Howdy! Sounds like life is crazy for the Foote family. I can't wait for your new CD to finally be out. I've been waiting. Praying for you guys while you are at camp. Love you!

Holly said...

I'm sorry that the move was accentuated by a bit of crazy...and that the coral was not right.

But yay! New CD, Dossier, beautiful home and great friends!

Praying for your travels to TN! Chris and I just got back from a Life Outreach International dinner in Denver...and guess what song Jeannie sang? You are God Alone! It reminded me to pray again for all that God is doing in your lives...and for Aria, who might have even been born this day.

Love you!

Alli said...

Oh, I know how it is...picking out the wrong paint color. I had a master bedroom painted deep purple one time. I was appalled when I saw the painter almost done with it. I acted like I was cool with it at first, but then I promptly changed the color the following weekend, after my dad made fun of me saying it would be like sleeping inside of a grape! aaah! ugh!

We're gonna buy your cd asap! Can't wait!

Christel said...

Hi Cindy, You don't know me, but I have been reading your blog, keeping up with your quest to adopt baby Aria, and have read all about your trip to China to get sweet Libby! You guys lead worship at our church (Decatur Baptist Church- Decatur, Alabama) several months ago during D-Now! I fell in love with your music then! Billy truely has a wonderful gift from God for songwriting. Your voice has such beautiful tones... so pleasing, soothing, and pulls you into the song to worship our God! You guys are great! You guys truely have a heart to serve, minister, and to reach souls through your music for the cause of Christ!
I sing on praise team at DBC and sing solo and was SO excited to see that you guys offer soundtraks for two of your albums (Not a God and I have a River) "I have the CD's..." I'm getting ready to order these two soundtrack albums! I also have the CD, (Go to Everyone) Please tell me that you are going to come out with a soundtrack album for this one as well...
You can visit me at my blog or e-mail me at: christelwilmoth@bellsouth.net

I absolutely love this CD... it spoke to my heart in so many ways... Such powerful words... such meaning... I'd love to be able to share these in song.

Well, while I'm at it, I might as well put in a plug for soundtracks for All the World to Me as well!

May God continue to Give you words, and bless you guys in your ministry.... You are a blessing to me!

Christel Wilmoth