Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The "Dora" Influence

Libby recently said a couple of things that were so cute and entirely influenced by "Dora the Explorer" that I had to post about them so as not to forget how funny she can be.

On "Dora the Explorer" there is a character named Swiper who tries to swipe things from Dora. On the way to visit with one of Libby's sweet friends (who sometimes teases Libby by touching me and saying "my momma") Libby looked a little sad sitting in her car seat. I said, "Libby, are you okay?" And Libby said, "Mia's gonna swipe my mommy." I reassured her that it wasn't possible for her friend to swipe me away from her, but she still didn't seem so sure.

Swiper also has a phrase he says often to Dora and it's "now you'll never find it!" On the way home from ClubRising last night I caught Libby picking her nose. I said, "Libby stop picking your nose." She promptly put her "find" in her mouth and said, "Now you'll never find my boogers."
I shouldn't have laughed out loud bc now she'll think it's cute to do such a horrible, disgusting thing... but I just couldn't hold back the laughter on that one.


Holly said...

That is hilarious! You are such a good Mama, Cindy. I've been continually praying for you all the past couple of days--for ministry, family and for Aria.

Much Love,

Becky said...

Remember when Kelly use to pick his nose and fling them on the wall? Then dad found his artwork one day and he got in big trouble...Memories..

Wendy said...

That is very funny!!!