Monday, July 28, 2008

Smiling Faces, Funny Faces and a Broken Camera

The summer is flying by and tomorrow, Libby and I are flying to Charleston, SC to see my family. I haven't been in Charleston since Thanksgiving so this is a much needed trip to love on family. Billy has already left for the San Juan where he is "ministering" to the rainbow trout. HA!

Libby has enjoyed the camera this summer. She likes taking turns making funny faces and sharing the camera. One evening, after a long day of traveling, we were sitting in the airport desperate to find something for Libby to do. CAMERA TIME! I began taking pictures of her making funny faces and then she wanted me to make funny faces while she took the pictures. She started mimicking my funny faces and before we knew it, everyone sitting around us was in laughter watching this cute 2 year old make silly faces and then take a really nice Canon camera in hand to take pictures of mommy's funny face. It was fun... here's the proof:

funny face #1

funny face #2

now, it's mommy's turn

Libby mimics mommy's fake smile.

Mommy makes the most famous and most uncreative funny face - stick out the tongue!

Libby tries the same... only her tongue sticking out is much cuter.

oh, hold on! Mom's getting really creative now.

Libby, confused by the amazing creativity previously executed, forgets to use her hands in the photo and simply opens wide.

Hopelessly unable to think on the spot... mom tries the hand thing again... only weirder...

Libby is now brainwashed and completely crazy just like her mom.

Suddenly realizing the eyes darting our way, we decide to embrace normalcy and smile for daddy to take a pic.

This summer we had a few special people on the road with our band. First, let me introduce Kennedy. Her daddy is our drummer and she joined us on our 2nd. week of camp. Libby was, of course, elated to have a friend for the journey.

Second, let me introduce MarySommer. She is our electric player's new wife and she was our nanny during camps. Libby ADORES her! And so do we. She was an AWESOME help! She played with Libby all day every day. Thank you MarySommer!

Libby took this picture of MarySommer and I. It was the last picture of the summer because Libby then proceeded to drop the camera on it's lens and now it's broken...sigh. Billy's comment to me when I tried to explain how Libby broke the camera was, "well, technically, YOU broke the camera because you let a toddler hold it." Okay, I'll take that.

Here's couple of other cute photos taken before the camera mishap... enjoy!

Daddy and Libby on the morning of the 4th of July!

Dakota, Maliah and Libby (on July 4th) came out of Mrs. Gill's bedroom wearing all of her slippers and flip flops. So cute!

One afternoon, in our new home, I realized Libby was awfully quiet. I searched the house and this is how I found her - on the potty, "reading" a book - "just like daddy" she said. HAHA!

Me and my girl!

Lastly, I recently received an email including the following information about Xuwen - the town in China that Libby is from. I found the information comforting in some way. It is just good to know what her biological parents might be doing and what surrounds them.

"He said it is a seaport with alot of fish & plant farms. If they aren't
fisherman they are farmers. The main fruits are Watermellon, pineapple
and Banannas. The only problem with Banannas it is the same season as
Typhoon season. If they are hit with a typhoon then it ruins their
bananna crops. They also have a big leechee farm and they also grow
sugar cane. They grow all kinds of vegtables and garlic. There is
alot of water buffalo that roams around and when the kids come home
from school they help take care of the livestock (waterbuffalo,
chickens, ducks, etc.). It is a pretty poor area, no industry."


Journey of my Heart said...

Hi Foote Family!!!

I check your blog all the time and I love the cute pics of Libby and her mommy!!

I tagged you for a meme on my blog---I hope that was okay!

I cannot believe that our 2 Year Gotcha Day Anniversary is just around the corner!

I hope to see ya'll soon!


Becky said...

Oh my gosh! Libby's potty pic looks just like my husband! I know there are other women thinking the same thing. Am I right ladies?

Tigger said...

Hey Cindy,

I am going to be traveling by plane with Emma for the first time in a few months. Any tips on traveling with a toddler would really be appreciated. I also was just catching up on your posts and realized that we share a birthday. Small world huh? Love the photos of Libby, she is getting so big and more and more beautiful as she grows. I really love your creativity. Libby takes come good photos for a 2 year old.

Blessings to you, Libby and Billy.

Brooke, Jeff and Emma

Cindy Foote said...

I have LOTS of advice regarding traveling! I tried to get on your blogs but they are pulling up. Do you mind emailing me so I have your email and can send you the info that way? It would be kinda long to write in the comments section! HA!


cristie said...

LIbby Foote ... you are such a riot!
I love all the funny faces and I love the Potty pic even more! How hilarious for her to make such funny remarks. We're always modeling ... even on the potty .. HAHA
Love you girls a ton! Come home from Charleston SOON!

Kate said...

Hi! I enjoy reading your blog even though you have no idea who I am! I have to admit I dropped our nice canon camera while the lens was closing. It was cheaper to buy a new one than to pay to have it fixed. But we got the protection plan. Now our little girls can safely take as many pics as they want! Have a great trip visiting your family!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy! I cannot believe how wonderful God is and all He has done in your life since we last saw each other. It's Laura Thrift Broach! You saw Shannon Benton Weldon at your sister's church last night and she IMMEDIATELY called me and filled me in on your journey and current joys: music, Libby, etc.! I am so very proud of you and all you've done! I am a background singer at Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant at the familylife service, and we have sung so many of your songs, it's crazy! Little did I know that as I was printing my weekend music with Bolly Foote Band at the top, that that was YOUR BAND!!!! Crazy! I love the Lord so much, as well, and Jimmy & I are very actively pursuing Him with our family, Madison (5) and Jay (2 1/2). I'm glad your doing well and touching thousands, whether you know it or not, in churches everywhere! God bless you!