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Orphan's Ticket Home Gala! MY CHALLENGE TO YOU!

My dear friend, Cristie Martine, is a Texas Associate for our adoption agency: America World Adoption Association. She is heading up a HUGE project - a Gala on behalf of AWAA to raise money for their Orphan's Ticket Home Campaign. You can go to to read about all the details or you can read further here.

Orphan's Ticket Home Gala
Date: Friday, November 21st, 2008
Time: 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM
Location: Community Bible Church
Youth Sanctuary, 2477 N. Loop 1604 E., San Antonio, TX 78232 (Directions)

Guest Speakers:
Tom Davis, President & Founder of Children's Hope Chest & Author of Fields of the Fatherless & Red Letters. Brian Luwis, President, CEO & Founder of America World Adoption.

Music: Billy and I will be leading worship for this Gala. Our entire band will be with us and we are excited to come together in San Antonio for this event. It is an honor to participate in the Gala in this capacity. We have a love for orphans (we have one adopted daughter from China and one on the way from Ethiopia) and for America World (who has serviced and is servicing us with our adoptions). We believe in their vision and know that God will provide for the four initiatives they dream of fulfilling.

The funds raised at the San Antonio Orphans Ticket Home Gala will go towards 4 initiatives:

1. Identification for orphans in China and El Salvador
2. Opening AWAA programs in Bolivia, Brazil, India, Rwanda and Vietnam
3. AWAA Transitional Homes in Ethiopia
4. Older Children's cultural exchange programs in Russia and Ukraine

So - here's how you can participate:

1. Purchase a ticket and attend the Gala. Tickets will cost $40 per person or whole tables can be bought starting at $500.00. Tables seat 8 adults. Go to to purchase your tickets online.

2. The tables "start" at $500 because Businesses or individuals also have the opportunity to purchase the tables in different "tiers". The Bronze package is the $500 table, Gold package (1500$), Silver Package (2500$) or Platinum ($5,000 or more).
3. As well, for a business that cannot come, is not local to the area and would like to be a corporate sponsor: Businesses or individuals can purchase a "Flying for the Cause" ticket in the same levels and will be highlighted at the event as well. Businesses do not actually have to be at the event to purchase a table to support the cause and be highlighted! Of course, we'd love them to join us as well! This too can be purchased at: - just click HERE.

4. Donate items for the Gala's Silent Auction. All donors will be recognized during the evening's event. We are looking for all sorts of items and services for the auction. Rounds of golf, spa packages, free hotel stays, paintings or other artwork, jewelry, hunting and other out-door equipment and services, movie tickets, themed baskets, antiques, homemade quilts or other quality crafts, lighting fixtures, signed sports paraphernalia, anything of value that you think will sell at a classy Gala event. All donations are tax deductible. Just let me know if you have something you would like to donate and I'll work with you on getting the details together.

5. Spread the word - on YOUR blog, facebook, myspace, church newsletters, small groups, ANY AND ALL of your circles of influence. Feel free to even cut and paste from this post the info you need.

Now - This Gala is huge! Not necessarily in physical size - although we are asking God to surprise us and help us sell out! This Gala and effort is huge because it is for the orphans of the world and there is much spiritual warfare that wars against setting orphans free from the bondages of rejection, hopelessness, hunger, poverty, loneliness. This Gala and the people heading it up need your prayers - as well as America World itself.

Secondly, and on a personal note - I have a challenge to make for all of you who are close family and friends and for any of you who have been impacted by Libby's adoption story or the unfinished adoption story of Lulu. If indeed, Libby or Lulu's story has affected your life in a positive way - you are the one I am speaking to.

I am asking that you consider donating items or purchasing a ticket or donating to "fly for the cause" (see above). You see, the Gala takes place just a few days before Thanksgiving. Our challenge to you is to donate in some way to this Gala as a way to express Thanksgiving to God for all you have. What better way to worship the Lord who has given us life abundant than by putting our gifts to an effort that will give an orphan that same kind of life!

Furthermore, the Gala takes place just 2 days before Libby's 3rd. birthday. As parents, Billy and I believe that one of our roles in Libby's life is to show her how to store up treasure in heaven where rust can not destroy rather than storing up treasure for herself. At Libby's current 2 1/2 years she has more toys than she could possibly need. We are going to use the next several months to teach her the difference between eternal gifts and earthly gifts. This year, we are asking our close friends and family - anyone who would normally give a gift for Libby's birthday - to instead give in some capacity to this Gala so that we can help bring one orphan home in Libby's name - or better yet - in the name of Jesus. Instead of spending money on a birthday party and instead of receiving earthly gifts - we are as a family celebrating Libby's life by making it possible for another orphan's life to be filled with hope.

If you desire to give to the Gala as an expression of Thanksgiving or as a gift in place of Libby's traditional birthday gift you can do so in several ways.
1. You can go online to to purchase a ticket or "fly for a cause".
2. You can contact us at: or call us at: 210.481.6776 to work out details for a donation to the Silent Auction.
3. Or - specifically if you are giving in Libby's name so we can purchase a table at the Gala - you can mail us a check made out to: Libby Foote. We will collect all the money given and on Oct. 1 we will put the money towards purchasing a table for the Gala. ALL the money is going to AWAA for their 4 initiatives. Our mailing address is: 3531 Hilldale Point, San Antonio, TX 78261.

The reason we are posting this challenge so soon before Thanksgiving and Libby's birthday is because ticket sales for this Gala have already begun and we don't want to miss out on this opportunity. On Libby's birthday we will post again to announce a BIG THANK YOU for all who donated and we'll let you know the total amount given in her name.

Two final thoughts I don't want to forget to mention. While Billy and I are leading worship and our band guys are being paid - Billy and I are leading for free. I do not share that for our own glory in ANY WAY - I only share so that those who think about giving don't think that we're asking you to give so we can get paid. That is not the case AT ALL! All the money given in Libby's name will go 100% directly towards AWAA's four initiatives.

And lastly, one of the initiatives is extremely special to us. The money used to build new transitional homes in Ethiopia is dear to our hearts as we are praying daily for our little girl who will live in one of those homes prior to our travel to receive her. All the orphans in Ethiopia have such difficult lives before their adoption. The transitional homes are where the orphans live once they have been chosen for an AWAA family and until that family can travel to pick him/her up. In the transitional home the orphans hear the Word of God, they hear music, they are prayed over and they are cared for with such precious delight. It is their preparation for a new life and it is so special to our hearts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this LONG post and may the Lord challenge your heart to give to the cause of orphans - whether to this Gala or in someone else's name or to another agency - however God works that out in your heart.

The Footes

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