Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun, Non-Stop Times!

So - recently Libby and I traveled to Charleston, SC to visit my family. It was a great week of visiting family and friends. Here are the pics to prove we were there and having fun:

Libby and Mommy at Folly Beach .

Libby and Taylor play on the rocks.

Libby and Taylor

Libby and Mommy on Daniel Island

Becky (my sister) her girls and her husband, Jason. Such a cute family!

Libby has so many expressions. Here, obviously, she does not want her picture taken. In the photo with us is baby Camryn - my sister's youngest.

My mom.

My sister, baby Camryn and me.

Kelly, Carissa, Libby and I went with Dad to Hampton Park to feed the ducks. I never have a picture of dad because he's always taking the photos.

Libby and I pose for a picture at Ft. Moultrie. Dad and mom went with us for a nice day out.

Libby continues to be expressive as we sit with beautiful Carissa.

My sweet friend Alli and her family visited with us during their vacation in Charleston.

Ava Love (Alli's daughter) and Libby! The necklace Libby is playing with was given to her by Ava. Libby loves that necklace!

Misty and I met at Moe's (love that restaurant and that girl!) to catch up over lunch.

We had a busy stay in Charleston. Meanwhile, Billy was on the San Juan river in NM catching 40 fish on an "okay day". The man can fish - what can I say?

We all returned home on the same day and Libby was very happy to see daddy.
The next day I discovered several major problems on my computer. Microsoft Word was not opening, for starters. I spent the entire day trying to figure that one out only to discover it was my Norton Antivirus (which is now on my bad list). Then, our web guy switched our website to a new server not realizing how much webmail I had saved and filed away under various labels - like 5 or more years of business stuff. So now, I have to go into each email and forward it to a different address and then forward it again to our new server. Long, complicated story - but that's what I have to do and that will take.... FOREVER - not kidding! Like - probably isn't going to happen...

Anyway - my week home didn't start out well with all of that!

The week continued as Billy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. We ate at Benihana's, did a little shopping and saw a movie that was so boring we wanted to stick forks in our eyes. Don't go see the new "Mummy" - it is seriously boring! Boring, however, does not describe the last 9 years. I love Billy so much and I can't believe how God has blessed us and our marriage.

Billy and I heading out to celebrate our 9 year anniversary! This man is awesome!

The week came to a close as Billy flew out to Atlanta to speak at a worship conference. While he was away, Libby and I decided to get Aria's room finished. Many hours and a soar back later - pokadots have invaded a little African child's room:

Next week - I start making the training manuals for XTI's and CR's training day - Saturday. And - it's time to catch up with friends here and get back into some kind of routine....
Until next time - Cindy


amie said...

looks like fun! and you did an awesome job on the room!!
did you get my email?
have a great week

Becky said...

Love the room! I wish there could be one finished room in my house. Taylor tells me almost every day that she misses you. She even made a video. I'll have to send it to you!

cristie said...

What fun you had with your family! By the way, that hilarious face of Libby's when she doesn't want her picture taken is truly classic!
LuLu's room is as cute as they come!
Oh and the picture of you and Billy on your anniversary is great! What an awesome looking couple! So, I"m all over the map on comments from all your posts. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you! Have fun at the House Church conference and we'll talk when you come home! Be safe!