Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Journal In Pictures

So much has happened over the last 2 months. We've been on the road, we've continued our work with the refugees, Billy's family came for a fun visit, house church has been phenomenal, Billy's been writing new songs constantly, Libby started Mom's Day Out for the year, we're almost at the 3 month mark in our official wait for our Ethiopia adoption, we're helping fundraise and prepare for the Orphan's Ticket Home Gala (see previous post!) AND Libby's 2nd. anniversary of Gotcha Day recently passed. Most of these occasions have been photographed to one degree or another -so instead of using a lot of words - I'm posting a lot of photos!

Billy and I headed out for a date on our 9 year anniversary.

For those who have been asking to see it - here's the living room in our new house. It's much wider and more open than our last house. We gave up closet space and bedroom space to get a bigger kitchen and living. We love it!

Gammy and Papa Boots came to visit - and they came bearing gifts! Here you can see the candy, camera and hair accessories. Libby LOVES her camera. I could barely get any pictures of her bc her new camera was always in front of her face. Grammy and Papa Boots also bought MORE gifts while they were in town! They bought a painting easel and paper, paints, brushes, etc! PLUS a tricycle. She was loved on and showered with fun blessings by her Grammy and Papa. She LOVES to paint and she even titles her paintings when she's done. It's so cute! Thank you Grammy and Papa Boots!!!!!

I love Libby's face here because it's like she just realized how delicious the candy is and how cool Grammy is for bringing it!

Aunt Wendy, Uncle Robbie and Cuz Brooke sent a precious gift as well! Thank you!

Libby is practicing her photography.

Libby and Papa Boots

After Grammy and Papa Boots left we went to Libby's Preschool (Mom's Day Out) Open House. We met one of her new teachers, Ms. Coco. Libby is really enjoying her new class and teachers! I'm not sure why Libby was making a pirate face. Maybe she just wanted to intimidate her new teacher, hee hee!

Libby's newly improved room. We painted a big flower on her wall and then, for her Gotcha Day present we added hooks and a ribbon along the wall to display her painted masterpieces.

Ta Da! I'm all dressed up for my Gotcha Day Dinner!

Sitting pretty! Now - can I please go eat at Ming Court, please? I'm hungry!

Truly a joy and delight - Libby's smile is AMAZING!

Libby and Mommy, both hungry and ready to celebrate - with food, of course!

Libby and her teddy bear dad!

Xuwen Sisters give a shout to all the other Xuwen girls!

Libby's "other family" - I love this pic because they are all actually looking at the camera while they each do their own random things. Such a perfect picture to describe the moment.

The 2nd. gift I got out of our China adoption journey - my incredibly beautiful friend, Cristie. Gosh, I love that girl!

Libby and Maliah wearing their "children of the world" aprons (which all the kids colored during dinner). I love this picture as I think it is one the girls will look back on as they grow in friendship over the years. Such sweetness!

The girls! Libby enjoys playing with the Martine girls so much! Her face just lights up when they are around!

Oh - now Libby is really making daddy proud. She's reeling in a bass on her daddy's flyrod.

All pics from our Sunday picnic on the Guad.

Final pic - if Libby sleeps through the night by herself (which is a new problem that stems from being on the road bc we share a bed in hotels) then she can have hot tea with her daddy the next morning. Here she is sitting like a grown up with her legs crossed, sipping on her hot tea. I just think this moment is priceless!

Okay - it took over 2 hours to upload all the photos - I'm done!
Peace out,


David Guion said...

Hi guys,

GREAT pictures! What blessings!

And wow... it looks like you guys have been super busy!

Thanks for posting the pics - even if it did take so long.

David Guion

Encouraging the daily praise and worship of Jesus Christ because worship is a daily lifestyle, not just a weekly event!

Aunt Becky said...

Libby has grown up so much! I love all of these pics and I wish i could have been there to celebrate Gotcha Day. Libby's expressions are so adorable. What a personality. I think she's gonna keep ya'll real busy for many years to come. Happy Gotcha Day! We love you all!

Alli said...

Girl, your hair has grown since I saw you at the end of July. Beautiful! Love the pictures! I hope Jennie and I can fly to San Antonio one day and stay with you!

Wendy said...

I really like Libby's dress... Your new living room looks fantastic!!!

Have a wonderful weekend