Friday, September 26, 2008

Last Reminder about GALA!

A few posts down I detailed all you need to know about AWAA's Orphan Ticket Home Gala that will take place here in San Antonio, TX on Nov. 21. I shared a challenge to all who have been impacted by Libby's adoption to donate to the Gala as a Thanksgiving to God for the life they have been given. What better way to say thanks to God than by giving to a cause that will give identity and life to orphans around the world.

To Libby's family and friends I made the request that instead of buying Libby a traditional birthday present (Libby's birthday is Nov. 23 - 2 days after the Gala) to give to the Gala in her honor. We are teaching her about the beauty of storing up treasure in heaven rather than the toy closet.

Read the previous post to find out how to give. You can do so directly to AWAA by going to or you can send a check to Libby at our home address: 3531 Hilldale Point, San Antonio, TX 78261. Any money sent to us in honor of Libby will be put directly towards purchasing a table(s) at the Gala and that money goes directly to AWAA's four initiatives - also detailed in the previous post.

Just wanted to remind everyone because we need to have all the donations in by Oct. 10 so we can purchase our table before the Gala sells out.

Just to let you know how the known donations (those donations that came to us first rather than directly to AWAA) are going - we have had 3 monetary donations that total: $740.00!!! And we've had one painting donated by Igor, a young boy adopted from Russia. The painting will be auctioned off during the Gala's silent auction. Igor is so precious and so is his painting!

There are several ways to participate and donate to this Gala. All of this is detailed in the other post - so if you haven't read it, please do!

Thanks and blessings to all,

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