Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Libby News and Friends

On the Libby front - much has transpired.... Drum Roll.... she is no longer a baby. She is a growing little girl! She's tall and thin and her hair is finally growing (enough to do some cute ponytails!). She expresses herself very well. We have special "talks" often - mostly about Disney princesses and the Lion King Show. She loves to entertain us with songs that she has "written" and stories that she makes up. She has some dear friends that she talks about often. She is ALMOST potty trained (we're getting there!). And she has a great sense of humor - always trying to make us laugh. Her smile radiates the room. And there are some special moments here and there that I never want to forget - like when she picked up her "phone" the other day and said, "Hi Mickey Mouse. Oh-my-gosh - That's amazing Mickey Mouse. Bye." Wish I knew what Mickey Mouse did. And there are moments I wish I hadn't missed - like when "Chicken" (a.k.a. Katie) was here at our house and right at dusk (we were outside) Libby sat on the driveway, with her knees pulled up to her chin, looked up at the sky and said to Chicken - "let's sit here for a minute and look at the moon." Oh, how I wish I could have seen that!

So - here are some special pictures of our last few weeks around here:

I was trying to get a picture of Libby's cute self and cute outfit before school this morning and these are the poses she gave me - SILLY GIRL!

Libby and Taylor recently had a playdate. They loved on barbies (Ken=a prince, Libby says) and dressing up like firemen (ladies, I mean).

Libby LOVES to help mommy wash dishes. Here she looks so precious as she washes a pitcher. Libby is learning how to serve. At house church she helps take each person's plate to the kitchen when they're done eating. House church, by the way, has been an awesome way for Libby to learn about Jesus and authentic relationships in a "hands on" way. She is just as much a part of church as any of the adults. Sometimes she prays, sometimes she raises her hands in worship... and sometimes, she's just loud and playful and we have to say "shhh" a lot. But all in all, it has been the best way for Libby to really see an New Testament, Acts church in action. Love it!

Mrs. Elissa and her sweet baby Lily joined us for dinner the other night. Libby, wanting the most attention - even if it's not from her own mommy - climbed in Elissa's lap before Lily could. Sneaky girl!

I recently painted this "sign" for our living room where we have house church. We've started a new tradition. Each morning at breakfast, Libby and I open our "Operation World" book and pray for the nation that is posted on that particular date. We really desire for our house to be a house of prayer for the nations - not just at house church, but daily in our personal lives as a family.

Libby dressed up in ALL of her dress up clothes at once the other day. She became a fly-fishing, grass skirt/boa wearing Hawaiian crazy lady (crazy because of the purple hat!).

Libby and Maliah had a chance to play together when Cristie so graciously watched Libby for us in September. Billy and I had a big meeting in TN and had to fly there and back in one day so Libby got some special Martine time while we traveled. They look so cute together in this picture.


Holly said...

I LOVE that I know Libby a bit better from our time together. She is indeed a LIGHT and a JOY!

You are such a good Mommy, Cindy. You really are.

Praying for you and the TN meeting--have been praying, since August. Praying for your home church, your ministry and your family. You are all greatly esteemed and loved in the Smith home!


amie said...

she is beautiful and growing up WAY too fast. what a precious girl. you are an awesome mommy!!!

Alli said...

Beautiful pics Cindy girl! I can't wait to see you and Libby again...with LuLu! What kind of camera do you use? I'm about to buy one. I love the sign you painted for your house church. So great! Just wanted you to know...I prayed for your ministry today!

Elissa said...

I can definitely vouch for the fact that she is so grown up! She really changed over the summer. Must be time for a new baby since you don't have one anymore! :)

I tagged you on my blog... sorry....

Becky said...

I love these pics of libby. She looks sooo grown up! She looks even more grown up than she did at Disney. Is that even possible?

Richard & Sarah Moore said...

How beautiful Libby is! She has really grown since the last time I saw here...exactly like you said, she is now a growing girl, not a baby :) Thanks for letting us share in your life through your blog!!
- Sarah Moore