Friday, October 31, 2008

Tagged One Too Many Times To Ignore

I've been tagged quite a few times - by some really precious friends - but I have ignored them ALL! Until.... my sister tagged me. I can't deny my own sister a fun game of tag so here I go: 5 interesting facts about me:

1. My body does not metabolize garlic very well, so if I eat it I have horrible breath for at least 24 hours - at least, that's what Billy tells me - I can't smell it.

2. I looked like orphan Annie for a good 2 years of my childhood - red, short, permed hair - yep, seriously homely!

3. I secretly love to "hunt" for Indian arrowheads.

4. I would LOVE to sing in a Broadway Musical.

5. My favorite thing right now is the way Libby holds my hand when we take naps together.

So - here are the 3 lucky bloggers I'm tagging:

Cristie Martine




Becky said...

Oh I am sooo special! Thanks for playing my game with me. For the record, it does stink:)

Holly said...

What a loving sister! Hee hee!

I don't generally do these, but since it's you Cindy, my sister in Christ, I'll get it done on Monday.

Praying for you!

Love that you and Libby hold hands during naps, that really makes me smile!

Katie said...

"red, short, permed hair"---please, oh please can I see some pictures?!?! Love you! -chicken!