Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catching up... in pictures....

These pictures are not in the right order, but time is too valuable to fuss over it. First pic is my new haircut with my new baby girl.

The Lord has given Libby and our family a special gift in that we have about 10 families around us with adopted Chinese girls the same age as Libby. One of the moms - Shawna - decided to start a China Camp for hand full of us to do a trial run and see how it goes. She did a fabulous job! She invited the girls to her home to learn about China through song, dance, games, foods, etc. The morning of China camp Libby was beyond excited. She just around the house shouting "I'm going to China Camp!!!" Just the idea that she was going to a place that talked about the country she came from meant the world to her. I dressed her up in some of her Chinese clothes for the first morning (above). She was all smiles!
The last day of China Camp all the girls wore their fancy Chinese clothes and had a Tea Party. Libby, again, was ecstatic! She loves hot tea!

The girls also had a "show and tell" day and Libby took her parasol to show off.

These are the precious girls who attended the camp. Aren't they all so beautiful!?!

I even dressed Gracie up in one of Libby's very first Chinese outfits. So cute!

Libby showing off one of her China camp crafts - her paper lantern.

One of Libby's dearest friends, Maliah, was also there and during story time they would sit with their arms wrapped around one another.

Recently, Libby helped me tackle the fun job of teaching Gracie to eat baby food.... it didn't go so well.

Sweet Gracie Lu
I love this sly look. She displays it often!

Libby visited the Guadalupe River with her daddy several times this summer. She loves to sit in this little rapid and let the water push her downstream. She's been catching fish out there too. She helps her daddy get the worms out of the container and she holds the cat-fish and all. She is so much fun!

Neil McClendon, a good friend of ours, was the speaker at one of the camps we lead worship for. He met Gracie for the first time and was really great with tricky Libby.


Hopefully I will have time to share more tomorrow night.


Lisa said...

Priceless pictures! Love the China Camp idea!!!!

Angela said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for catching us up on all that has been happening. I am so sorry you have had so much on your plate at once. It has been a busy summer for almost everyone, it seems. In our family it has been crazy too - fun, but crazy LOL!

The girls look great and I hope you are feeling much better!

Marti said...

China Camp! I love it!

But not as much as I love my precious friend Cindy. . .

XXOO from


Debi said...

Awesome pictures!!
I love the new haircut, Cindy.
What a fantastic Idea to have a China Camp. The girls are just so precious.
Love and hugs and prayers,