Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cooking with Libby (the cutest Chef in the world!)

Libby loves to help mommy in the kitchen and recently we rediscovered a kids cooking book my sister sent me a while back. Libby decided she wanted to make some special dishes for our house church - so we did. She went shopping with me for all the ingredients and proved to be an awesome chef - not to mention - she is the cutest chef in the world!


Above - one of my most favorite photos of all time! How could she be any cuter?!


becky said...

These are def the cutest pics ever!! I love them all! She is getting so big. Don't you love how they love to help at this age?

follysurffisher said...

I like this for a number of reasons, but my favorite is that Libby is cooking meat in two pictures, but then in the end it looks like she baked a cake out of the meat! mmmmm... meat cake. : )