Monday, February 15, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

Libby has shown an interest in music from day one. But lately it has been really fun watching her strum her daddy's first guitar that sits on our fire place while she makes up some very interesting lyrics. Some of her lyrics are actually starting to make sense! Of course, Daddy is always listening and wondering when the day will come that he can actually teach her to play and write. As he listened to her strum her heart out and sing (very seriously, I might add) a plan began to form in daddy-song-writer's mind. And then he came home with a Baby Taylor just for Libby. One day, these photos are going to mean the world to Libby. She still has no idea how special and how gifted her daddy is. And for now, we probably have no idea what God has stored up in her... but one day - she's going to know how to play guitar and she's going to have a love and respect for her daddy's gift that will be priceless.

Billy showed up with the guitar just after Libby woke up from her nap, so you'll have to excuse the pull-ups..sigh... The look on Libby's face (above) is her "I'm really happy, but don't want you to know it" face.

jam session at the Foote house



Katie said...

This is so incredibly sweet! Libs has a way of coming up with the BEST songs. :D She makes me laugh!

Debi said...

So precious!
Brought tears to my eyes with the pictures and daddy's heart of love for his little girl.
Praying with you for the developing of the passions for music in Libby's heart and spirit.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Jason Egly said...

Priceless, indeed. What a beautiful family!Hope all is well ... let us know if you're ever in the Nashville area, we'd love to get together with you guys.

becky said...

I love that last picture! Her baby Taylor looks almost as big as his. Has she given up on the drums or is she going to be mulit instrumental?