Monday, February 15, 2010

The Rodeo that Never Happened

We had everything planned just perfectly for my birthday morning. Billy was going to take Libby to the rodeo so I could have a quiet morning getting ready for my day while Gracie took her morning nap. Libby was looking so adorable in her cowgirl hat and cowgirl shirt. Before they jetted out for their special daddy/daughter morning I took a few special pictures...

I was just getting settled into the quiet and sipping on some juice when Billy's number showed up on my cell. When I answered I could hear Libby SCREAMING and every time Billy tried to tell me what was going on she would scream louder and I was left in a panic not knowing what was going on. Turns out that after paying the $10 parking fee, Billy and Libby went up to buy the rodeo tickets when somehow Libby walked right into the corner of a counter and busted a deep cut into her cheek bone area, just under her right eye. It was bleeding pretty good and Billy needed to know what to do. I couldn't see the cut through the phone and started calling our pediatrician to figure out where they should go.

About 45 minutes later, I walked into the minor emergency care where Libby was sitting on her daddy's lap still crying. She ran to me and crawled in my lap and from there I got to be the lucky parent who watched her get strapped into some device that held her down while the doc put two stitches in her boo boo. She screamed so loud you would have thought they were skinning her alive. She was TERRIFIED!

But just a couple of hours later she was quite proud of her battle wound... see...

And so... the rodeo never happened for the wounded Chinese cowgirl.

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Kelli Diane Kanani said...

I feel for you having to watch Libby! I hated having to hold Elijah down while he got his stitch. Poor little guy kept saying "hold you, hold you" over and over. I was holding him just not like I wanted to.