Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lollipops and Pumpkins

The last month has been such a whirlwind. We traveled every weekend - from Wisconsin to Austin and Dallas and then to Atlanta. During the weeks we spent Mondays as a family (sort of our Sabbath) and then Tuesdays we spent our days getting ready for CR and then Wednesdays we had play groups and in the evening - house church. So - you see we had very little time off. In fact, last week we not only had to prepare to lead worship in Atlanta, but Billy and I both had to speak at that event - which took a lot of preparation. Pretty much every waking moment that wasn't occupied with previous commitments or toddler interaction was filled with Bible study for our "talks". In a 3 day period we flew to Atlanta, Billy spoke 3 times (an hour each - for a worship conference), I spoke for a women's ministry dinner (concerning adoption), each band member led break out sessions and we led worship at least 6 times and then flew home. Whew!! But even though we were exhausted, it was a good exhaustion. We really enjoyed the more intimate setting of ministering to a smaller group and we felt like the weekend demanded the use of all our gifts and that was refreshing!

Libby is a talkative, crowd loving (but cautious around strangers), kids-day-out-going, determined to make you laugh angel! We are in love - more and more. Our new trick in airports and on planes is.... Lollipops!!! She loves 'em and they make her forget about the fact that we had to turn the movie off for the descent.

Every other Wedneday we go to a play group with Libby's other Chinese adopted friends. All 4 girls are they same age (their birthdays are all in Oct and Nov). This week we decided to take them to a pumpkin patch to get a picture of all 4 of them together. You can only imagine the chaos that ensued. Trying to get 4 toddlers to look at the camera (happily) at the same time is - well - impossible!! I'm sure the other moms are at home giggling even now about how loud I was calling out Libby's name over and over again trying to get her to look at the camera! UGH! ARG! UMF!

The real drama didn't occur, however, until our last few minutes of picture taking. Finally we had all 4 girls sitting down in a row. A tractor pulling a trailer of kids for a hay ride was about to pass behind us moms who were kneeling on the ground trying to capture the moment. We were looking forward to the tractor passing behind us so the girls would be looking at it - and therefore looking in the direction of our cameras. But as 3 of the moms (including me) were intensely focused on the moment - one wise mom was watching the trailer coming toward us and started yelling "MOVE! MOVE!' The next thing I know Rhonda (one of the moms) came flying forward in pain. The trailor had rolled over her foot and crushed it! She somehow managed to ask "did we get the picture?" in the midst of being on all fours in tremendous pain. We were certain her foot was broken and she definitely couldn't walk or drive. But we all got her into the car and from there she figured out how to get to the dr. - Good news - the dr. says Rhonda's foot is not broken and today it is feeling much better! Poor thing! She is a mom of 4 and we were all so concerned that she would be on crutches for months. But, for now, it looks like she will heal quickly. It's just badly bruised and maybe sprained. We love you Rhonda! You get "Mom of the Year" for being so concerned about that photo in that moment! You are so tough and so amazing! I'm seriously impressed! Below is one of the last pics taken before Rhonda's foot was introduced to a tire!

We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks as we have no traveling to do until mid-November. Well - actually - we might go to the studio in Abilene to record a new song - but other than that we're home until Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving we're going to Charleston to visit my family. Then we'll be with Billy's for Christmas.

So - I guess I'm headed for some rest and holiday shopping this month. That sounds nice! Oh- and also we're preparing Libby's 2nd. birthday party. My friend Cristie and I decided to combine Libby and Maliah's party together at a nearby park. Theme: ELMO!!!

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea... LOLLIPOPS! I love it! I'm so glad it's working. I miss ya'll like crazy!
Kristie Martinez

The Stricklands said...

Hey Foote family...It is so good to be able to keep up with you guys through this blog site. Libby is growing up so fast. She is so beautiful and precious! We were actually in San Antonio last week to visit Mary's family. We had looked at your schedule and thought you would probably be leaving for Georgia the day after we arrived. We figured you would be busy so we decided not to bother you. Hope we can see you the next time we are there.

Alli said...

Miss you girl! I'm praying for you!