Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome to the World Baby Camryn!

On October 11, 2007 Cindy's sister, Becky, delivered her 2nd. baby around 7:30 AM. Her name is Camryn Elise Bowick and she is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is a little over 7 lbs and - in my opinion - is complete perfection! I've posted a cute picture of the new born! Congratulations Bowick Family! And welcome to the world precious Camryn. You are LOVED!!

Billy has still not given me the "proof of large fish" - so no pics yet of his fishing trip. Our family and band recently traveled to Wisconsin to lead worship for the Kern Family Foundation Retreat. The Kern Family Foundation scholarships 50 top seminary students from around the country and brings them in during their last year of seminary for a retreat. It was held as a BEAUTIFUL Conference center. We were hoping for some cool weather - but the warm air followed us there and it was hot and humid. That was sort of disappointing. Kristie came to help take care of Libby. Libby remembered her from the summer and she took to Kristie very quickly. We love you Kristie!!! Thank you! - Especially for the long, humid, uphill walks pushing Libby in a stroller! You're the best!

We did have one really CRAZY toddler tantrum/melt down. It was on the plane ride to Wisconsin and it was the last hour of our long flight. She screamed like a cat being skinned alive and she thrashed her head around everywhere. Passengers were complaining and I was sweating! She was just really tired and could not get comfortable and so it spiraled out of control from there. She continued to have a few other tantrums through that weekend but they were less violent. And when we returned home Libby woke up the next morning and said really loud and happily "HOME!! Hi Home!" And she's been back to her normal happy self since. She is now clearly aware of when we are off schedule and away from home and she apparently doesn't like it.

Libby is flourishing with language development and says some of the cutest things. She puts people and activities together declaring all day what daddy's doing or what Kristie or Gammy are doing. She says "Daddy sleeping" "Daddy eating" "Daddy TV" "Daddy play guitar" or "Daddy fishing". She says "Kristie driving" and "Kristie home" and she says "Gammy phone" and "Momma singing". She has more complete sentences too - but these phrases she says all day!

Libby's new favorite thing to do is grab her stuffed animal "the monkey" (yep, totally creative name) and hands me her stuffed hot pink bear (called "bear") and we turn on a Veggie Tales music CD and dance with our stuffed animals all over the game room. It's really cute. The Monkey is her new best friend!

Libby is also getting very interested in letters and colors. We'll be working on that some in the weeks ahead.

Kids Day Out continues to go very well. Last Tuesday on the way to "school" Libby started naming the people in her class - Nate, Bella, Shobin, Mrs. Kim - oh and she always says "Canyon" but he's not in her class. Libby thinks most boys are "Canyon". Very cute!

Today we head out for a retreat just outside of Austin and then Sunday we're in Dallas. Should be a great weekend!
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Alli said...

I'm glad you had a great trip! I miss you. I'm sorry Libby had a hard time on the plane. I can imagine you sweating profusely! I would have been too. Congrats to the family on the birth of baby Camryn. What a beautiful name! Love you guys!