Thursday, October 25, 2007


In less than 3 days the Lord has answered the prayers for Jason to find a job. Jason's boss at Beazer found a way for Jason to basically have the same exact job, same pay, insurance and all - just under a different company that works for/with Beazer! Jason took a day to look over the situation and make sure it would work out and, as of this morning, he has decided to accept it! So - he'll enjoy his "surprise" paid vacation this week and will start his "new" job in the middle of next week! I can't tell you how happy I am for them! They really needed this answer to prayer. All praise and thanks to you, Lord Jesus - You are the One who knows our need before we ever ask!

Thank you all for your prayers!!!

By the way - my dad is still having some health issues that he can't figure out. He is meeting with a cardiologist next Monday and he also had some blood work done today to check his thyroid, but he still needs our prayers. Pray for God to preserve his life and heal him. Pray also for the doctors to have wisdom in diagnosing dad's problem. Also - mom is still recovering from pneumonia (spelling?) - but she is making good progress. Thanks again for the prayers! - Cindy


megan said...

Praise God!! God is amazing!!! God Bless!!

CrownLaidDown said...

Yay God! I have chills...and love to see God's hand over his own, blessing them in the right time! Praising Him today!!

Praying, too, for your Dad and Mom...for your time off and time birthday planning!
Much Love in Him,

PS I'm glad you all were not hurt worse with the hay ride....did they even know they ran over your friend's foot?