Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crawling Chronicles

Last week we noticed Gracie was starting to figure out how to get her chubby thigh out of the way so she could move her foot back into the crawl position. She even moved a pace or two forward, but she wasn't fully crawling until Friday, Nov 13 at the end of Libby's 4th birthday party (to be chronicled in the next post). Since then she has figured out how to crawl like a champ and she is EVERYWHERE! This little sweetie is ready and able to get into anything. With her crawling came a whole new side to her personality and a whole new energy level. She does NOT want to be in her stroller or car seat for very long. The girl is ready to rock and roll - just in time for our LONG car drive across country next week.... YIKES! Without further delay... the crawling chronicles in photos:

serious determination!

These next photos of Gracie in the black sweater are from this morning. Libby wore this sweater around the same age... Gracie just fills it out better! I included a picture of Libby in this outfit so you can compare. Libby was 11 months old in her photo and Gracie is 9 1/2 months old in the same outfit.
(baby fat legs!)

(little chicken legs!)

I LOVE this picture (above)! So Gracie!


carissa said...

gracie looks so absolutely gorgeous in that leopard outfit!

Jennifer Wells said...

Cindy - I LOVE these pictures. Both of your girls have such sweet personalities that shine through! My girls are 2 1/2 and 8 months and I've been amazed just recently as they have started becoming SISTERS - interacting without me being in the center. I love seeing the one where they are looking at each other - it looks like you are at the same stage! I love that!

Seriously they are SO precious. What beautiful miracle baby girls you have.

And your MM party! So creative. You are such an incredible momma.

Dana C said...

Your girls are so beautiful. I don't know if you remember me but you followed my blog when we were adopting Mercy. I love the pictures of your girls. It is so funny how Gracie's hair looks like Mercys... it is so beautiful. I am still learning how to manage it all... :)
I just wanted to say hello!

dana cordell