Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Very Special Guests!

My parents have faced incredible challenges over their 39 years of marriage. Most have to do with the rare disease my mom has - called Porphyria. Combining a severe case of porphyria with some other emotional challenges, my mom has become very sick having had strokes and other complications along the way. So for the twelve years I've lived in TX my parents have never been able to visit. My mom did fly out one time when I lived in Ft. Worth, but the main point of her trip was to have me drive her down to Houston for a doctor appointment. She had not had a stroke yet so she was more mobile back then, but still very sick. Dad had to work so he could not come out.

So, for the first time in 12 years, my parents decided "We're going to make this happen as best we can" and they did. Mom and Dad arrived at our home on Oct. 16 very tired, but happy to be here. And my family and I were so excited too! They stayed with us for 8 days. Because of mom's health we were limited to a few hours out each day but we still managed to see a whole host of San Antonio highlights....dinosaur tracks, River Walk, the Alamo, Boerne shopping, The Botanical Gardens of SA, the Guadalupe river, and more! Mom became really weak about half way through the trip and later we found out she has a staff infection in her urinary tract. So please be praying for her to heal from that.

When Billy, the girls and I travel to SC to visit my family we remain very busy seeing all my family and friends who live there. The girls have very little time alone with their Papa and Gigi. So having my parents in our home where the girls could just be alone with them was priceless. We enjoyed cooking special meals and just being with each other.

Dad is working very hard to give mom the care she needs. I am amazed by his strength - emotionally, spiritually, mentally. He is a strong, humble man. And my mom has been sick for so so long. I really can't imagine how she must feel all day long as she struggles to simply get from room to room. Prayers for them are always appreciated.

Mom and Dad, THANK YOU so much for working so hard to come out here. I know it was not an easy trip at all and you arrived back at your home with complete exhaustion. Thank you for your sacrifice!!! Love you both so much!

So - here are the fabulous pictures we took during their stay!
I can't remember the last time I was able to get a picture of me with both mom and dad. I was so glad we got this one!

Dad and Mom with the girls and me.
Billy was our photographer for the day. That's why he isn't in this picture.

Mom holding Gracie.

We went to a pumpkin patch in Boerne with mom and dad. Above and below are two of many cute pictures we got of the girls that day. I'll post more in my next post reviewing all of October.

Mom and Dad bought the big pumpkin for us. The wind was blowing and that's why mom's hair is all coming forward. I promise we didn't let it stay that way!

We are rarely ever able to get a photo of our family together so dad helped us out and captured this one. Of course, it is near impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at once. So here, Libby is not looking. Oh well... Cute picture anyway!

Libby and Billy during our visit to the Botanical Gardens with Mom and Dad.

Dad and I, Botanical Gardens of SA
adding Libby in there.

Mom and Dad bought Libby a soccer goal for her birthday so she can practice. She loves it!!!!

Papa plays soccer with Libs!

Gigi and Papa head home....sad day! But they look really cute!


carissa said...

so sweet. what a special time for you!!! love you!

Debi said...

What a blessing to spend time with family. The girls looked like they were totally savoring their time with Papa and Gigi and Papa and Gigi looked like they were totally in love.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Kristy said...

I know exactly how you feel. My daddy takes really good care of my Momma. She has alzheimers and is only 66 years old. My daddys patience is incredible and he is my HERO!!! I will be praying for your parents. This post was just beautiful and one I could so relate to.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Alli said...

Love these pics! I am thrilled for you. Love you!