Sunday, November 15, 2009

October in Pictures

October began with outdoor play and soccer. It continued with the wonderful visit of my parents (detailed in the previous post) and other magical moments along the way including dressing up for trick or treating. Enjoy the photo review of this good month.

Gracie loves the outdoors.

Libby was searching for creatures.

The girl ROCKS at soccer - seriously!

Bright eyes!

Play time is tough stuff.

Pumpkin hunting.

Daddy's girl.

Libby loves nature...a girl after Papa's heart.

Gotta love that smile!

My really cute parents. Their trip and more pics are detailed in previous post.

My chunk of love!

My 2 beauties.

They love each other so much. It's so sweet.

Daddy gets Libby ready for fishing.


NOT happy about the rollers and even more unhappy that I was taking a picture of them.

post-rollers.. and a very cute outfit!

The Foote and Gibbons girls.

Thank you Strickland family for this musical leapfrog table. It was Libby's favorite toy and now it is Gracie's!

Sweet Gracie - all cozy and warm so she can cheer her sissy on!

The soccer princess.

The Foote family as pumpkins.

Mickey Mouse

Last minute ballerina.

Mickey and the Cowboy.

The end.


carissa said...

your pumpkins were awesome! i loved mickey mouse and the pretty ballerina!!! looks like the foote's enjoyed october.

Alli said...

Ok, I have too much to say and it is so late but ....WOW! Great job Cindy! You are an awesomely creative mama! Great job on the partay, costumes, decor, etc.! Loooove the Foote family pumpkins. Can't wait to show that pic to Cord.
I love your girls. I could just squeeze them!

Where did the soccer goal come from that your parents got her? We're looking to get one for Tate for Christmas. Just FB me and let me know if you don't mind!