Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Xuwen Research Project!

In October 2009, we became aware of a research
project taking place for families who adopted their
child(ren) from the Xuwen SWI in the Guangdong
Province of China. It began with a woman on our
Xuwen/Adoption Yahoo group who had done
quite a bit of her own research. She traveled to
Xuwen because her daughter was adopted from
there and during her visit a relationship began to
form that would open up special doors. This
woman then came in contact with a Chinese
woman who was doing research for families
with adopted children. The research includes
mapping out the town, translations of important
paperwork in files, locating finding spots and
many other special things. We were invited to
participate in a group research project in which
anyone on the yahoo group could pay a fee to
both send information to the orphanage through
this Chinese woman AND receive information in
return. It sounded like a great idea so we joined
in on the project. I gathered many photos to
update Libby's orphanage on the last three years
of her life and then Libby and I made a special
video for them. First, I'll let you view the video
and then you can read below some of the amazing
things that have come from this project!

So, dry your eyes now and read some more!

We were updated almost daily, by the American
woman putting this project together, while the
Chinese woman was in Xuwen doing her
research. Before the research began we were
asked to write down any questions we would like
the researcher to ask Libby's orphanage staff,
nannies, etc. I submitted several questions and
am still waiting to receive the answers to those
questions. Very excited to read those precious
answers! But one of the families submitted a
question I had never even considered. They
asked if their child's finding clothes were kept
and could they obtain those. Little did I know
how that family's brilliant question would become
a blessing to us. The researcher went a step further
and asked the orphanage staff for ALL the families'
children's finding clothes. And better than that -
the orphanage was completely open and shared
that they indeed kept these items and even some
blankets/toys for each child!!! Today, Libby's finding
clothes arrived. The tiny, sweet pink outfit is our one
link to Libby's biological family! It has two
bears on the front, each holding two heart-shaped
balloons. Now, I have no idea if people in China
think of the heart shape as a symbol of love like we
do, but I just LOVE that hearts are decorating Libby's
top in which she was lovingly placed and later found.
And the little pants... well, they are split-bottom
pants - all the way up to the elastic waist! That just
made my day. Hand-cut, tiny split bottom pants! Here
is a picture of the outfit. It's hard to get an idea of the
dimension, but it's a tiny outfit. I put a pacifier in the
picture to give you an idea.

A view of the split bottom pants (above)

We also received some other precious gifts, blessing notes, information about the town's history, the orphanages history, lots of pictures of the town... the list goes on! It's amazing to have all this information in our possession. Libby will be so blessed in the years to come to know more about her beginnings and her birth-land. To the two women who pulled all this research off - THANK YOU! To the Xuwen SWI staff - THANK YOU! We will never be able to put a value on these precious items - they are simply PRICELESS!!!

I have left a lot of details out for the sake of security, out of respect for the orphanage and for Libby and for other reasons as well. But, just know - if you have a child adopted from China and an opportunity like this comes your way - TAKE IT! It's so worth it!


The Reeds said...

This is so beautiful.. almost had me in tears...

So glad you're sharing such a sweet message of thanks back to them.

Alli said...

Amazing job Cindy! We love your family. I miss your voice! So great to hear it on the video!

Jenn said...

Chills. And the PINK outfit speaks volumes to me of their love of her as a GIRL!

I'm going to be bold and ask KM's orphanage for her finding clothes!!

carissa said...

so neat to see the outfit! i am so glad you were able to get all that info. what a blessing!

Lisa said...

What an amazing blessing!!! I can't imagine such a gift. And yep, lots of tissues were needed after the sweet video!

kara said...

That is wonderful! I LOVE the video! Libby is so adorable.

Debi said...

Priceless video and finding clothes.
Libby is SO loved and God has had an awesome plan for her from the foundation of the world. So glad that your family was part of the plan.
Love and hugs and prayers,