Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas with the Foote Family

For Christmas 2009 we traveled to east TX to spend time with Billy's side of the family. BC, Winky, Wendy, Robbie and Brooke were all there. This Christmas is special in that it is Gracie's first Christmas. We are so happy she is in our lives! Such a blessing! During our stay in Gilmer we ate a lot of great food, drove the golf cart in the woods, had some awesome play times for Libby and Brooke (including playing in the dirt, on the swing set, running circles in the living room, dancing, singing... you name it!), opened gifts, visited Santa's Wonderland of lights, played cards and enjoyed great conversation. It was a fabulous trip! The pictures tell the story of fun and good times....
Papa and Gracie hang out while we wait to enter Santa's Wonderland of Lights. The flash always surprises Gracie, which makes her eyes get even bigger!

Gracie: "Yep, Papa is one silly man!"

Grammy and Gracie enjoying the lights.

Libby and Brooke played so well together and enjoyed being glued hip to hip for every adventure.

The girls with their cousin, Brooke - all in their Christmas red.

The girls were given matching pajamas by Grammy. They looked so cute in their pink animal print.

Here, Grammy is showing off her new wind chimes that have the Lord's Prayer written all over them.

Billy and Brooke

Grammy and Gracie (who loves to suck on Grammy's necklaces, especially this one!)

Brooke and Libby decided to go on a walk together hand in hand. It was soooooooooo cute!

Grammy bought Libby and Brooke flashing Rudolph noses!!!! Libby would put it on and then try to look at the red nose while it was on her face. She would go so cross-eyed doing it that she was making everyone in the store laugh.

The big girls and me.

Grammy and Papa Boots hang out with Gracie. Libby was the photographer!

Grammy and the girls. They love their Grammy!

Wendy and Robbie are building a new (and BEAUTIFUL) house. So we brought them a special house warming gift. Can't wait to travel back to east TX to see them all moved in and happy in their new home!
Papa Boots and his 3 granddaughters.

Gracie and Papa Boots had lots of fun together.

Aunt Wendy and Gracie. I love this picture! And Gracie looks so grown up in it. Her hair is really growing fast! Gracie is teething again BIG TIME! We had a few sleepless nights because the poor girl was in so much pain. I felt so bad for her. Gracie loves being held by Aunt Wendy. And Wendy watched Gracie one morning when I had to take Libby to the eye doctor. Thank you Wendy!

Below: After we returned home, the girls immediately got acquainted with their new toys given to them by Grammy, Papa Boots, Wendy, Robbie and Brooke. Here, Libby is working on her mosaic sticker art and below that picture is Gracie chewing on her new pull toy puppy. It was love at first sight!

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