Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Is it really December already? Time is flying! A few weeks back - in November - we left San Antonio a few days before Libby's birthday and DROVE all the way to SC to visit with my family. The girls were great the entire way and I am so happy I can say that! Billy drove and I sat in the back between the two car seats so I could entertain. The drive was 12 hours on day one, 12 hours on day two and 4 hours on day 3... That is a whole lot of confined traveling for a 4 year old and a 10 month old who just learned to crawl. I don't know how we would have survived without technology. Billy found a way for Libby to use wireless headphones to hear the movies so he could still listen to XM radio in the front. I was on the internet via Billy's iphone when I needed to feel less caged and Gracie had some great toys and music to keep her going.

We arrived in Charleston on Libby's 4th. birthday. Here is a photo of her on that day. Isn't she so grown up?! The following photo is of her and Gracie, same day.

We stayed at Papa and Gigi's house. Dad spent a lot of time reorganizing their house before we arrived so that the girls could have their own room. That was such a blessing. Thanks for all the hard work, Dad!

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a tremendous meal. My dad cooked the turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, gravy... you name it! Becky and Carissa pitched in with some other special dishes. Great Mimi, Uncle Tony and his boys, Aunt Jenny and the rest of our immediate family joined us for the special day. We enjoyed everyone's company very much. Each one is so special to us.

My sister and her family, my brother and his family and our own family gathered together at the James Island Christmas Light Festival, which has become a family tradition. The girls and their cousins love it because there is a merry-go-round, marshmallow roast, and fun paths for walking through the lights. Had a blast!

My sister and I had a special day of shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We braved the crazy mall with our total of 4 children in tow. We kept reminding ourselves that one day they will be walking off to go shopping on their own and we'll then be able to concentrate on one story without interruption. Gotta keep our eyes on the future goal for sanity's sake sometimes!
I enjoyed my time with Becky very much that day.

And we ended our trip in Charleston with an early Christmas party at Kelly and Carissa's house. We ate wings, chips, dip and other goodies and opened our presents to one another. Watching all the kids open their gifts at once is a joy that can not be described. Such excitement in the room!

After our trip to Charleston we headed to north GA where we rented a cabin for three days. There are two quaint antique shopping areas near the cabin so we checked those out the first full day. Mainly we were there for the warm fireplace, the stillness and Billy's love for fly-fishing. But also, we used the time to celebrate Billy's 43rd. birthday. His birthday was on Thanksgiving day, but it was such a busy day we really didn't have a chance to celebrate. The girls and I decorated the cabin, bought a cookie cake and presented his gifts to him after his long day of fishing (in which he also caught the biggest fish of his life - 26.5 inch rainbow trout! But he didn't have his camera - so no proof to share... We all know he's honest anyway!). Libby colored every letter on a birthday sign. She is quite good at staying in the lines these days. I colored the first letter to show her what to do and within 15 minutes she had colored all the other letters. Impressive!

And then it was time for the L.O.N.G. drive home. The girls were great until the last few hours and by then we all wanted to lose our minds. But we made it and we are back home adjusting back to normal routines.

Overall, our trip was a great blessing as we were able to spend so much time together just resting in the beauty of nature, family, the holidays and the rest of the many blessings that God has granted us. Enjoy the photos....
Gracie with her cousin, Hunter. They are only about 2 weeks apart in age. Very cute together!

Gracie with her Great Mimi.

Taylor and Libby. Taylor has grown up so much. It was fun listening to Taylor and Libby use their imaginations and make up games. Everyday now Libby wants to fix her hair like Taylor in a big pony tail. Cute!

Gracie with her bearded and really cute Papa.

My brother, Kelly, with his son, Hunter. Hunter - you are such a doll!

Hunter always has a really serious face, so Billy and Kelly mimicked him in this photo.

Billy and Libby on the merry-go-round on James Island.

The cute Graham family picture! Kelly, Hunter and Carissa.
Love all the beanies... which, btw - my sister has taught herself to crochet and she made the beanie that Hunter is wearing.

The only Foote family photo taken the whole trip in which everyone was looking at the camera.

The adorable Bowick family.

My sister, Becky, with her sweetheart, Jason.

Papa decided to take Libby and Gracie to Magnolia Gardens one afternoon. I always forget how fun it is to be out there. The girls enjoyed every minute of it... and so did I.

Libby and Papa watching the animals.

Becky and me.

Billy and Libby

My sister and brother - both ever so cute!

My sweet sister, me and my precious sister-in-law.
Love these girls!

Taylor with her first guitar and her favorite guitar player.

Libby destroying wrapping paper and boxes in record time.

The Hunter Man.

The sassy, fun, adorable Camryn who LOVES Tinkerbell.

Gracie with a bow on top. Definitely my cutest gift this year. This will be Gracie's first Christmas! Funny side note - the girl is already in 18 month clothes. I was going to buy her a "my first Christmas" onesie/outfit but most babies are not that large for their first Christmas so that effort was fruitless.

Gracie and Libby in their pjs, in front of the fire at the cabin in GA.

Libby caught some fish with her daddy on the first day. She and Billy decided to keep a few (they were from a little pond where kids can go fish) and grill them. We had fish with bones for dinner - LOL!

Gracie was all over that cabin. She is an adventurous, curious little thing. I caught her here under the table in the kitchen.

The sign Libby made for her daddy's birthday.


Debi said...

Sounds like a fantastic family Thanksgiving. I loved all the photos, especially the one of Billy and Libby on the merry-go-round.
What a long drive! Thank goodness for technology to keep us entertained and in touch.
Love and hugs and prayers,

carissa said...

loved your time here with us!!! i know what you mean about the baby's first christmas stuff! i definitely didn't find ANYTHING that would fit hunter!! ha! praise the Lord for our healthy babies. love you all!