Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Keep Praying!!! - Good News!

My sister, Becky, called today and said that Jason has a job interview tomorrow morning (Thursday morning) for a job that would really be his dream situation. The company interviewing him is very impressed with him and it sounds like it will work out - but let's just ask the Lord to give Jason calm, peace, confidence and favor tomorrow morning!! I'm so excited to see what the Lord will do!

Also good news - looks like my brother, Kelly, has a promising job opportunity to be a worship leader at a local church in Charleston, SC. There's still some things that have to be communicated and decided so let's keep praying for him and his wife, Carissa, as well!

All is well on the Foote front. We have been truly immersed in traveling and adoption paperwork. It's been NON-STOP!! Seriously! But it's all been wonderful and we are so grateful the Lord has given us these opportunities and the strength/energy needed to push through!

I'll post some cute pics of Libby soon - I promise - Oh and Aria's room. Yep - you know me - I'm already decorating!


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