Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lovely Libby

Took these pics of Libby dressed up in one of her Chinese outfits and I think she looks so beautiful!
Libby loves "feetball" which for some reason is her word for basketball. Try and figure that one out?!?! Brittany was Libby's nanny for our week in Cuero, TX. Brittany is such a sweet heart. She and Libby had a blast together. Thank you Brittany!
Libby loves to swing (finally!!). And yes, that's me wearing high heal black books in the playground gravel. That is not my normal playground attire, I promise! We were leading worship that evening and the playground was at the church. It was impossible to pass it by when Libby was asking "swingset? play? go down slide? So we had a little pre-service play time.Libby puckers up for her upswing kiss from Daddy! So sweet!
Libby and I in front of a 400 year old live oak tree in Cuero, TX.


Katie said...

I love Libby's Chinese outfit. She looks so precious in it!!

Wendy said...

Libby Looks so pretty... I love the red ribbon in her hair..
Have a wonderful Day

David Guion said...

Hi guys.

Great pictures!

Praying that the ministry event goes well this weekend.

See you when you get back!

David Guion

PS - Hey Bill, in light of our phone conversation yesterday, check this out:

For Those of You Who Can Afford A Private Jet

Jason said...

Stumbled onto your blog and wanted to leave a comment. It's exciting to read about your adoption from China and now from Ethiopia!

What a blessing! Thanks for you and your husbands heart and passion. I will pray that God will continue to use you to inspire many.

I work for a ministry called The ABBA Fund ( We give interest-free loans to Christian couple's adopting and help churches establish adoption funds. If there's anyway I can be a resource to you all or to anyone in your adoption network let me know! Our passion is that no one would be discouraged from adopting because of finances. Our God is awesome and will provide!

For His glory and the orphans joy!