Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Six Weeks Summary

Here's how the last 6 weeks have played out for the Foote family. Clean, pack, travel, catch a cold/allergies, lead worship, receive encouragement, travel back (under interesting circumstances), rest?, tackle adoption paperwork long into the night, do laundry, repack, start over.... multiply these steps by 5 and that's been our life for almost 2 months. (Did I mention we have a two year old, too????)

I am NOT complaining! The Lord has been so very good to us. Everytime I got sick I still had a voice. Everytime Libby didn't sleep in the hotel, we woke up with strength for the new day. Everytime we thought "we can't do this anymore", God sent amazing, precious encouragement. Every time I panicked that I wasn't getting adoption paperwork done fast enough, things went faster than planned. God has truly been showing us His provision, favor, love, and power!

Every one of the events we've been given the opportunity to lead worship for has blessed our socks off this year. The Spirit has been moving in fresh ways and God has used each event to speak hope and encouragement to our hearts as well - regarding what our giftings are and what the future holds. While we still plan on coming off the road for a while - we're realizing that this particular door is NOT completely closed. We have peace about not traveling in a full time capacity, but we are also thinking that we'll continue to do one event a month as the Spirit leads - and ONLY as the Spirit leads. We feel strongly that the coming slower season is just that - a season. And that's a big statement coming from us - you see, we really thought this last fall that we were D.O.N.E. Done! Period! But we have been revived and shown that God is NOT through with that part of our lives. We simply, for now, have the freedom to slow down and enjoy our daughter (s) and local ministries.

Side note - Libby is so incredibly precious. She's had a great time in Cuero, TX this week. We're doing a small town revival and since it lasts longer than 2 days (which is the length of most of our events) she's been able to get used to the schedule and routine. After the service tonight we were provided a great meal in the fellowship hall and Libby just ran around and entertained everyone with her AMAZING smile! While others wanted to sit and talk, I just wanted to stare at her and soak in God's goodness in giving me the opportunity to love and guide her precious spirit. I did NOTHING to deserve such an honor. His mercy and grace are so much more than sufficient. They are..... they are....beyond..... beyond words... there are no words to explain the magnitude of His grace and mercy.... they are just beyond....

May each of you know the grace and mercy of Christ. May He reveal them to you in a way that is profoundly relevant to where you are and what your needs are at this very moment.

Below are a few pics from the last several weeks. The first few are of Aria's room (and things in her room). It's coming together beautifully...

Crib bedding, up close. It's called Satin Safari by Cottontale. I found it at a baby boutique on a GREAT sale!!!

Here you see the Karen people from Burma who have been resettled in San Antonio. Every Tuesday night Billy goes with Larry Singletary and the Gager family to teach these precious families English as a Second Language. Last Thursday Libby and I went with Billy and had the opportunity to play with the kids. I had them doing a jump rope contest in a tiny little room of the apartment until (about 20 minutes into it) I realized that we were on the second floor and someone below had to be getting mad! Whoops!
Karen children from Burma. SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Here they are being silly for the camera.

Libby and Daddy Libby jumped right into the jump rope contest. The Karen kids look similar to Libby and I think she felt very comfortable around them.

Libby continues to LOVE the drums. Okay, love is probably an understatement. "Obsessed" might describe it better. She plays drums all day and at every event she has to both play the drums and watch Kevin play the drums.
Valentine Banquet in Borger, TX.
Are we a hokey band or what? Great thumbs up Kevin! That really makes us look cool! HAHA!!!
Libby's hero (Kevin) helps her refine her drumming skills
Terry Singletary, me, and Karen Nolan. These precious friends and their husbands took my family and I out for my birthday dinner at Macaroni Grill. I love these sweet ladies! They are rare gems!
Libby the artist!
Becky, this one is for you since you wanted to see a pic of our new hard wood floors. Whatcha think?
Love you all!


Lexie said...

Hey! This is Lexie (Jenn and Karl's daughter :0)). I was wondering if it would be alright with you if i "stole" a picture of the Burmese to put on my blog. :). I have been telling my "blog friends" ;) all about the Burmese but have never brought my camera to take pictures to post on my blog.

So if thats alright...just comment on my blog, and give me the go ahead!

Lexie said...

Hey! I got your comment! Thanks so mucH!!! I am for sure going to bring my camera next week!!

erika chapman said...

Your home is beautiful and Aria's room is gorgeous just like her name. I am sure her name has an amazing meaning and you probably mentioned it somewhere and I missed it?
Our little ones are a blessing and motherhood while challenging is such a gift. Thanks for your encouraging words and I am so glad we have reconnected!