Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nini Cavasos Passed Away Tonight.

On the drive home from Cuero, TX tonight Billy received a phone call informing him his grandmother, Nini Cavasos, passed away. Nini Cavasos is the mother of Billy Foote, Sr. She was well into her 90s and recently came down with pneumonia and some other complications. While she had a long and good life, she is certainly better off tonight in the presence of Jesus. She will be greatly missed. As you think of the Foote family, just ask the Lord to fill them with His peace and comfort as they grieve. Billy Foote, Sr. currently has the flu, so he will need extra prayers as he is very ill and grieving the loss of his mother.

Billy (my husband) is doing well. While he is incredibly sad to see Nini go, he had the opportunity to drive home several weeks ago and say some special things to her and that makes the letting go a little easier. He will be driving to Longview on Friday to be with his family for the funeral service on Saturday.


Wendy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Take Care of each other.

David Guion said...

Hi guys,

Just wanted you to know that Kimber, Carly and I will be praying for you this weekend.

After talking with Billy on the phone this morning, I went and looked up a quote about heaven from Bebe, a church historian from almost 1300 years ago.

He wrote, "A great multitude of dear ones is there expecting us; a vast and mighty crowd of parents, brothers, and children, secure now of their own safety, anxious yet for our salvation, long that we may come to their right and embrace them, to that joy which will be common to us and to them, to that pleasure expected by our fellow servants as well as ourselves..."

Please be encouraged by the thought that your Nini is right now in the very presence of Christ along with those who have preceded her in death.

That's just an overwhelming thought.

We love you guys.

David, Kimber and Carly Guion

Jenn said...

It's never easy to let a loved one go. I will be praying for the Foote family.

Rusty Guenther said...

We are praying for you guys and Billy Sr. We miss you guys and hope God is blessing you. We are also excited and praying for your new adoption. We will be praying for you this weekend and as you travel.

Lauri Hahn said...

You have to think of all of the millions (probably) smiles, beautiful sunrises, deep inhalations of spring rain, shooting stars, big surprises & small, secret blessings... and yet she's in a BETTER place? How awesome is THAT?! No pain, no tears, no questioning, no fear. "Just" Jesus, and everything/one else that waits for us, all at once! Resting in peace can't just be a cliche.